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Lisa Sparxxx gotta eat

King writes on XPT: “Congrats to Lisa for winning 5 g’s in Booble’s “Girl of the Year” contest. WTF is booble anyway? My homegirl Gianna got robbed!”

Charlie at Fox magazine writes: “I consider this a major tactical error on the part of Booble, who are finally getting their name out there, and drawing a little attention to their topless news minute or whatever it’s called. Call me crazy, but I’m not hitching my wagon to Lisa and Al Goldstein unless I need to be pulled up a hill.”

Covertperv writes: ” I never really cared for the “They’ve fallen and can’t get up” look.”

Warp writes: “Now come on guys – at least she’s enthusiastic. I find her scenes to be downright nasty (in the good way) and always strokeworthy. Is there any other porno girl that reminds you more of the drunk soccer mom gone slut on the company picnic?”

Mary Carey: “Alcoholism is a disease. I happen to have it. I can’t have a couple of drinks. No alcohol. It’s genetics. I’m part Indian on my dad’s side. You know how Indians are prone to alcoholism.”

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