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Living In Sin

Christian evangelist Heather Veitch blogs: “One of the first questions I am asked when I tell others about the ministry is “can a stripper still go to church and strip?” I have a standard answer that is something like this… ” can a glutton go to church and still over eat?” But lately I have really been thinking. Who exactly is “living in sin”? I know I am .. but who else is? Is the sneaky lawyer “living in sin”?, is the mean and jealous pastors wife “living in sin”? Are the ministers that gossip and wish bad on other ministries “living in sin”? Most of these people wake up ever day without any thought of changing. I would think that most people would consider anyone who has no intention to change a sin to be the people who are “living in sin”. I think we All are “living in sin”. And All of us need to ask God to look into our hearts and show us where we are wrong and in need of change.”

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