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Lorelei Gale Interview

I meet her at the Lamplighter in Chatsworth Tuesday, April 24.

Here’s the video of our chat.

She’s having lunch with her agent Ric Williams (Black Widow Talent) and her fellow model Frankie Vargas.

Lorelei, 25, worked as a stripper in Texas for three years. She’s yet to do a scene.

“I consider myself pretty intelligent. I don’t fall for the scams.”

“My family doesn’t approve. They never have. I live my life for me.”

Lorelei, who lost her virginity at 15 (she graduated high school at 16), says she’s been with at least ten women in her life and about 15 guys. “I am five classes away from a degree in Accounting.”

“I can be the easy to look at CPA.”

Luke: “Is there anyone you are getting back at?”

Lorelei: “Yes. There was a guy I dated for a year who said I had no career in modeling. I have purposely sort him out on MySpace to say, ‘Look at me! Ha ha. I am a model. Look at these pretty pictures.’”

“Not much surprises me.”

I ask Frankie Vargas: “What is Jason Sinclar really like?”

Frankie: “He’s awesome in bed.”

She describes him as a try-sexual. He’ll try anything.

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