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Lori Lust Agency

Red the Apostle emails:

Luke, Lori Lust and her suitcase pimp Craig are a joke. They’re like the World Modeling (of late) for White girls. If you look at her “agency” website, you’ll see she copied the source code from LA Direct Models. If you mouse over the last few on the second row (repeated on the bottom row), you’ll see the URL’s they lead to include:

They can’t even do the friggin HTML properly. I wonder what site had Ava Devine, Brandy Talore, Brea Bennett and Brooke Haven all next to each other at one point? If you mouse over others you’ll see tons of URL’s that are screwed up and set up/used to point to girls at LA Direct Models. (Cindy Crawford, Danielle Derek, etc.) Derek should speak to his lawyer about this.

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