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“Lost Butterfly” (Jade) Writes on The Foxxes, The Chicken Ranch & Shelley Lubben


Written by Jade at

People and people’s lives or women and their lives, we all know there are no perfect people. Let’s face the facts, all people regardless of race, spiritual-affiliation or how much money they do or don’t have, will all face real-life problems, all the time, for as long as they live. It’s how you deal with your problems that make you the person that people believe you to be.

Desi Foxx’s story isn’t new and neither her nor her daughter will ever make the front-page news for the L.A. Times. Let’s face the facts people; strippers, call girls, escorts and Porn Stars, are problems that the government would love to see disappear. If you think that most politicians or mainstream people care about what happens in the live’s of women who chose to do porn: “stop dreaming!” Why? Because it’s probably not going to happen in an uptight society that still has problems with nudity.

Desi Foxx believes that she has a magic wand of a pen, and is going to write Senators and they’ll really care, that she has decided to dedicate her life to the sex-workers blight. Well guess what? No one out-side the XXX industry really cares about what happens to anyone in the XXX industry and most “normal people” believe that anyone who does XXX movies are perverts and sexual deviants. I believe that the government  hates the XXX industry and would like secretly to see it eradicated. So once any woman decides to enter the XXX field, she’ll be wearing a scarlet letter for the rest of her life and stripping is almost the same way. Except being a call girl or high end prostitute, is better then being molested by judgmental strip club customers for the low-low price of almost free.

Desi Foxx asked in a post she wrote on XXX Porn Talk: “where does a porn girl go when she’s done with porn? A better question would have been, “why did she go there in the first place?”

The real world does not care what happens to X-porn women after porn, and the X-porn actress will always have to be afraid of her future boyfriends and his co-workers seeing her videos. She will also have to worry about her family, friends and co-workers finding out as well. XXX films never disappear and will re-surface at the worst possible time. She might never again be able to have a secure job, because of what her employers might  feel about porn. She may never be able to trust her friends again, because some might become jealous or just be disgusted when they find out what she has done in her past. That’s what porn does to any woman’s life, just like a child molester or murderer has to hide his secrets, so will she, and that’s probably for the rest of her life. Society expects porn stars to hide their pasts, so when the truth finally does surface, these women’s lives usually get destroyed, by society’s repressive fears about people who have an open sexuality and the roll of women in that society.

I know that in Desi’s emotionally damaged thinking, that she thought going into porn and then into a brothel was a good idea, and she used the excuse: “that she was doing this to protect her daughter” But in the end, not only one person’s mind and life was compromised, now two people’s lives have been derailed, to the point that these women and not “GIRLS” sought out Shelley Lubben’s help. Shelley runs the Pink Cross Foundation, a foundation that help’s wayward exporn stars, escape the brutal life destroying world of the XXX industry.

What kind of jobs do the Foxx’s think they can get? In an economically ruined country, where homelessness and food lines are commonplace: what kind of job do they think will be available for them? People who have minimum wage jobs are finding that their employers are cutting their hours.

I’m really amazed  by how some people live there lives, than tell the whole world: “Hey guess what? We’re going to a place called the Chicken Ranch, to suck dick for money”: than they want everyone to feel sorry for them? They want to pull the victimization card out of their Asses, because life isn’t turning out as planned. Desi reminds me of another delusional, famous in her own mind porn performer, Debella. DeBella got into porn after her daughter and did all kinds of dirty-shit, because she wanted attention and the lime light and still wants attention. Which is sad… I mean from 25-50 years maybe porn is an option for some women, but most intelligent women who aren’t doctors and don’t have a college degree in something, that will pay their rent knows that one day they’ll have to get married and settle down, or get  job at an I-Hop as a waitress.

Look, to Desi and her daughter and women like them, “no one” is going to give you cheese with that whine, when you cry to strangers about your problems. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but L.A. is a town with no pity. Who knows why the Foxx’s were asked to leave the Chicken Ranch? Maybe it was for running their mouths, about Shelly Lubben’s help or for running their mouths like they have on XPT? But who really cares? I know I don’t and neither should you.

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