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LoveHabibi Review (2020)

Love Habibi

LoveHabibi, a Muslim dating website, was created by a group of people who love to make others happy by introducing them to Muslim online dating.

This site helps you to find your life partner with some unique features.

Someone who appreciates the complications to find a match that can share your experience with the same cultures or someone who respects your religious value as well?

This site will help you to find people from almost all over the globe.

You can find people like yourself. Some uncountable people visit LoveHabibbi daily, and millions of relations initiates from their website.

This site will provide you with the best rational understanding for the users. This site provides you with genuine people and services are kept well-ordered. The main aim of the leading website is to arrange the best partner for Arab Christians, Muslims, and Arabs worldwide.

LoveHabibi wants to provide you with excellent quality services. That includes technical uptime, regular data back-up. This site will also help you in resolving your issues and complications regarding your satisfaction.

It can be a tough task to meet Muslim and Aram females in most places like the United States of America, but you need to thanks

This site makes it easier to get your love partner. There are many other websites like LoveHabibi, including Helahel and Muslima, but since 2009 LoveHabibi has become the most popular dating site for Muslim, Arab Christian, and Arabic people.

What makes LoveHabibi so reachable?                  

LoveHabibi is the site where Arab Christians, Muslims, and Arabs come from all over the world looking for other like-minded people for friendship, online dating, and even for marriage. Here you can find your perfect match.

Whether you are here just to meet new people, or you are willing to meet someone special for your love life, this site will provide you with all the fun and love you want. It is an international dating site that suits all the people, cultures, and countries.

This website is mainly for single people who have the same culture and religion, and are willing to have a long-term relationship. If you find someone attractive, you can send them a wink. This technique will help you to know if the other person is also interested in you or not.

And if you don’t want your data to be shown on their website, then you can permanently remove them from LoveHabibi. And the other data, such as images, and texts, are of LoveHabibi. This site will protect all the data of a user.

Website Overview

Website address:

Estimated visit last month- 1.4 million

By accessing or signing up to LoveHabibi, you agree to all the privacy policy of this site. Your privacy is essential to this site. 

Your data will never be shared with anyone unless it is required by the law. 

Your email address will never be shared with any other users unless you allowed the site to share your data. Lovehabibi will never send you junk emails, and it has a separate form of communication that forms an integral part of the service. You are free to make your profile as per your wants.

But there are certain things this site doesn’t allow, and they are no nudity or overly suggestive photos to the account. No pictures of unaccompanied children. No inappropriate language. No group photos. No dynamic content in the profile.

If you want to connect with your loved ones, there is an option to communicate with them in the form of a text message. You can share your contact list to someone you trust, but there are few things this site does not allow that are: no soliciting business promoting services, no request for money.

No attempts to manipulate or no scam. No threats or any immoral sexual talk that runs against the community.

Pricing & Membership Fees

LoveHabibi provides all the basic and advanced features so that you can you’re your love very quickly on their website.  If you are looking for a long-term relationship, then this is the place for you. The pricing is also reasonable. Many people find their better half on LoveHabibi due to its easy user-interface.

There is no free trial available on their website. According to LoveHabibi, Free Trial leads to spam, and the users start receiving too many unserious messages, and having a premium grade means that messages are real, and users feel protected.

From this, we can see that they like to make it easier and similar to everyone. So, if you want to consider your perfect match and begin a beautiful life by spending a little amount of cash, then LoveHabibi is the best place for you. Their standard premium membership is affordable at $29 a month.

If you sign up within the first week, they also offer a rebate for the premium membership.

And after the cut, the monthly charges for the subscription will be $21.75.

If we talk about the VIP premium membership, it is spicier than the usual membership plan. It provides you with many features.

You can check the numbers, that show how many times someone has visited your profile or who liked or favorited your profile.

This membership will cost you $35 per month. And after getting that first-week subscription discount, the charges will reduce to $26.25.

If you want to try, then cancel your subscription after making it. It will not be renewed, and you can enjoy the benefits for a month.

There is also a plan for a Lifetime membership, and getting that for just a $99 one-time payment would undoubtedly be a very reasonable plan.

Although LoveHabibi is based on finding your perfect match, it doesn’t look like you need your whole life to find your better half. 

lovehabibi sign up

Let’s talk about some other things regarding payment and subscription. LoveHabibi does not accept Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, or Western Union. They only accept payment by credit card or by bank card. If you’re thinking of trying the site for one month, you can give it a try.

For more information, you can visit

Site Statistics

  • Mobile-friendly site – Yes

  • Mobile App – No

  • Member age – Must be at least 18 years

  • Payment option – Credit/Debit card

  • Messenger – Yes

  • Live Chat – Yes

  • Video Call – Yes

  • Photos – Yes

  • Support – Yes

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

9 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Quality Of Members

9 / 10


9 / 10


9 / 10


10 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

9 / 10

Value For Money

10 / 10

Ease Of Use

10 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

9 / 10

Overall Score

92 / 100


Muslim dating sites have made it easier than ever for single Muslims to date within their faith and find a partner who sees the world in the same way. There are many websites on the internet to help you stumble upon your perfect match in the most effortless way.

And with this modern technology, finding your special one can be so much easier nowadays. LoveHabibi is a well-known and trusted dating site that provides singles with a clean interface to search through profiles of Muslim men and women who are online, nearby, or new to the site.

People from various backgrounds that are seeking their perfect match can also visit this website. Their dating preferences are mainly on Muslims, Arab Christians, and Arabs. This site will help you to find people from almost all over the globe. You can find people like yourself.

Some uncountable people visit LoveHabibi daily, and millions of relations are being made here on this website. If you are looking for an alternative to LoveHabibi, then can be your ideal choice. However, the traffic and online members of is far more than LoveHabibi.

Apart from, the other sites that have similar features are MuslimMarriageSolution,,, ArabLounge, and Bongacams has to compete with these online dating websites to sustain and grow in a highly competitive market.


  • LoveHabibi has a vast member database, with new members joining regularly. You can search their extensive member base with ease and a range of preferences and settings.

  • LoveHabibi is for Arabs, Muslims, Arab Christians, and anyone like-minded looking for their better half. This Muslim dating site promotes not only dating but friendship as well as marriage.

  • The site is clutter-free and straightforward to use. Its design is clean and impressive and delivers a classy experience without going overboard.

  • Browsing the site is a breeze, and it’s easy to get lost in it for hours. After entering the website, you’ll surely get in the mood to socialize with the vibes— Orange texts throughout the website with a purple theme.

  • The site is surprisingly beautiful, and so are the women. Most conversations flow like wine at a wedding, and that’s important because nothing is worse than talking to a brick wall.

  • Thousands of people visit LoveHabibi daily, and new connections made every minute.

  • LoveHabibi provides an easy to use platform for the users.

  • They also have multiple language support, so don’t worry, language won’t be a barrier in your dating. LoveHabibi very well knows how to handle it.

  • LoveHabibi finds your match in no time. You can use different factors and discover your perfect match very swiftly with the help of advanced filters.

  • Your profile becomes visible within a few hours. The process is very speedy. Other viewers can easily access your profile. And yes, your data and the pictures remain unseen, unless you approve them to display it before other users.

  • Registering on LoveHabibi is very smooth and easy. You don’t have to go for any profile verification. You just have to enter your necessary information, and you are done with it. There are no complicated, lengthy quizzes or surveys before creating your account.

  • At LoveHabibi, you can send a wink to any member of the site and express your interest without saying a word.

  • You can filter the search by location, origin, city, family, etc. Additionally, searches will be saved automatically if you want to use them later.

  • At LoveHabibi, you can communicate with other members using instant messaging and email messaging features.

  • If you are Arabic men or women, it is easy to connect with people on LoveHabibi when you share so many shared experiences.

  • Spending money to find your perfect match is very reasonable on this website as compared to the other alternatives.

  • LoveHabibi also has an instant messenger option available on the site. You can start a conversation anytime. It does not require any special software, downloads, or settings.

  • They also have who viewed me feature on the website. With this feature, you can see which member has viewed your profile and when.

  • You can block harassing members with this useful feature. Just go to your profile and choose the block option. They can also be unblocked using the same way.

  • There are many real-life success stories on the website of LoveHabibi. The stories posted by members inspire you to get your perfect match by dating online. There is also a blog section that offers different tips related to online dating success.

  • Like someone on LoveHabibi and want that member to be your friend? They have to add to friends’ feature as well on their website. You can add other members as your friend. The member you add as your friend will get a notification.

  • And Add to friends, LoveHabibi also has an Add to favourite features that allows you to add as many members to your favourites list as you want for quick access.

  • LoveHabibi is a fun, friendly, and safe place for you to connect with other people like yourself.


  • LoveHabibis blog has not been updated since 2011.

  • They do not have any mobile application. So, it is not very pleasant to open the browser and search for the website again and again.

  • No matchmaking feature is available on LoveHabibi.

  • There are a lot of the members on their website, who aren’t available. It seems like they have made an account, but then never opened it again.

  • There aren’t a lot of users, as they boast of having more than 65000 active members.

  • There is no verification procedure to check if the account is fake or real. They do not ask for any ID while registering on their website. 

  • Some communication features are missing on the site, such as video chat, audio messaging, etc.

  • They should neutralize inactive accounts.

Customer Support & Other Services

LoveHabibi may sound like any other ordinary site, but it has several features in it that you may not available on other websites. This site is easy to use and will pique your interest in dating. In the end, this site is boundless for single people who want someone to complete their love life.

It is fun to see a different profile at the same time. You can find your lover here at this site where there are so many active accounts. It’s easy to get in touch with people with this dating site. You got the right to terminate your account with LoveHabibi.

This site reserves the right to remove users’ accounts that may ruin site privacy. The user has the right to discontinue any subscription-related to If there are any errors, you can contact the website. This site will help thousands of Arabic people to find their love. 

Final verdict

LoveHabibi is a website for people from all over the world. If you are bored with your single life, then you are in the right place. For the users’ safety, this site has an Anti-Scam policy that protects the client from several possible fraud scenarios.

In case of any insecure data, they have a privacy policy to block those users from the site. will be able to access your information from your post. In case you choose to register with personal data, this site will ask you several questions such as name, ID, profile pictures, photos, age, gender, nickname, language DOB.

The site will use your details so that your browsing websites will be safer and more productive. You can contact the company if you find your children use the site or trying to get in touch with the services because this site does not allow users under the age of 18.

Users must accept the privacy along with terms and conditions.

Parting words

There are a lot of online dating sites, but what makes LoveHabibi unique is its attention on Arab Christians, Muslims, and Arabs who are searching for dating, and establishing new relations.

This site has helped over 50000+ people to find their better half from Europe, the USA, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and many other countries of the world. You can also see that special someone near you with the help of LoveHabibi. ​

You can depend on this website to find your true love. You can meet a person you find attractive, and LoveHabibi will help you to meet them no matter where they are. Don’t wait, register quickly and get ready to meet the love of your life.

This website wants to provide the best possible service to the users. The primary goal of this website is to be the leading online dating website for Arabs, Muslims, and Arab Christians worldwide.

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