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Loyalfans Pledges Allegiance to Displaced Stars

discriminatory practices would like to welcome all displaced AVN and GayVN Stars stars to the Loyalfans fam – joining top creators Violet Doll and Candy Glitter on the site.

AVN recently announced that it would discontinue all monetization features on its premium social media platforms and at the end of this year. In its statement, AVN stated this was due to undisclosed “banking discrimination.”

Loyalfans, however, has decades-long direct relationships with its banks and payment processors. Further, in October, Loyalfans rolled out a content posting process that complies with each of Mastercard’s extended specialty merchant registration requirements.

“Being transparent with our banks has allowed us to build strong relationships, and we work closely with merchant providers to ensure stability and avoid processing disruption,” said Loyalfans co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu.

“Though the mainstream’s endless discriminatory practices are certainly frustrating, we opted to work ‘round the clock to meet these challenges head on – and we will continue to do so – maintaining a stable, viable space our community can rely on,” Braileanu added.

Top Creator Violet Doll, who has been utilizing Loyalfans for several months already, praised the platform’s effectiveness when managing mainstream rules and regulations.

“Loyalfans has navigated the recent bank censorship so beautifully that it hasn’t impacted my work routine at all. Content review is handled swiftly and professionally,” she shared.

“Most importantly, Loyalfans is fantastic when it comes to timely payouts,” Violet Doll continued. “That’s key when creators are seeking a platform to call home.”

Top Creator Candy Glitter moved to Loyalfans after AVN’s announcement, choosing the platform for several reasons.

“Loyalfans has so many features, one of my favorites being the Media Cloud. I also really appreciate the fact that Loyalfans doesn’t have daily spending limits,” she shared. “As someone who does a lot of financial domination, spending limits are a major issue for me, but I am already seeing an increase in spending from some of my fans on Loyalfans.”

“My fans have really enjoyed the experience so far, and I’m so excited to be a part of the Loyalfans community!” Candy Glitter enthused

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