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Lucky Does Anal

Lucky Starr’s First Anal and Three-way

The following is a recent entry from my blog  by Lucky Starr
   Tuesday, January 18 was a day that I was worried about for quite a few days.  I was about to do my first anal scene for Elegant Angel. LT, the director, swore up and down he’s worked with other girls who’s never done anal and it will be fine.  I admit I did not do my homework as much as I should have.  I was supposed to get a buttplug, I was supposed to practice on a dildo, I asked Jeremy to help me but it we kept putting it off.  So here I was, the day had come and I was just gonna go for it!  I go to their offices ready for hair and makeup.

The other girl was Jayla Starr, half black and half Korean. Then LT showed up and we were off to the location.  Following him was a bitch because LA drivers love to cut people off.  So I almost lost him several times. Jayla said something I’ll never forget, “Each inch you drive is another inch closer to us getting fucked in the ass.”  We were at a stop light, and I just burst out laughing.  She was totally Chatty Cathy now, cute girl, 22 years old (it was her birthday that day), and can turn the hottness on like a switch.  I really dig that about her.

   So now we arrive, set up, choose wardrobe, and start shooting the strip tease.  I realize now that when shooting the strip tease, you have to be engaged 100%.  While bumping and grinding, you can’t let your mind wander because it will show, eye contact with the camera is very important.  Strippers make excellent porn stars because they know what to wear and how to move.

  So now the big scene is about to begin.  It started off with a G/G with myself and Jayla.  She’s so cute and sexy so this was easy.  Then LT comes in, and we get him involved.  We start out with some oral.  I have a thing for eating ass, so Jayla blew him from above, while I was below him eating his ass.  Then we both blew him simultaneously for awhile.  Then he had vaginal sex with each one of us.  Then the big moment arrived.  We tried starting my first anal position in reverse cowgirl, which REALLY hurt!  The more each inch of his dick went inside me, the louder I screamed.  I almost jumped off and said, “I can’t do this”.  We tried missionary and was slightly more successful.  I realize now with anal, it’s always that first initial entry that is the most difficult.  Once you get a rhythm going, and tons and tons of lube, it can be possible.  It’s still uncomfortable, and a bit painful, but at least I was able to get through it.  When it was all over, I was so happy and relieved I was able to do it.   And I didn’t just do it, the cameraman said I looked like a pro and pulled it off swimmingly.  It was probably the most triumphant moment during a scene I’d experienced.  I don’t ever want any director to say, “She can’t do it” about me.  I was literally in church on Sunday praying “God, please help me take a big black dick up my ass.”  True story.  When we finally left, I thanked the director and said, “I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”  Between LT and Jayla, I was able to get through it.  There were times in the scene when Jayla would play with my clit, while I was getting fucked in the ass.  The distraction and concentrating on the clit really helped me out.  And with another girl there, the “work load” was split in half.  I’ve really grown sexually since I entered the business.  I do girls (and I like it!), and now I guess I do anal.  But I still have to think if I want to do anal on a regular basis.  It did hurt a lot!!!!!!  I drove Jayla back to her hotel (she lives in Vegas), and we giggled like schoolgirls.  She’s so awesome, I couldn’t have done this without her. So will I continue to do anal?  Let’s wait for my butt to heal, then we’ll talk.


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