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Lucky & Jeremy Celebrate Sex with Dr Suzy

By Lucky Starr

Last Saturday, Jeremy and I went to an event that was going on in downtown LA.  It was called “Eros Day”, celebrating Eros, god of love, lust and erotica. After reading the email more closely, it was going to be like an episode of “Real Sex”.  They were going to have the prayer to Eros at a certain time, and cabaret type displays of sexuality. 

I was curious, and some porn people were supposed to be there, so hopefully it would be a fun night.  Jeremy was looking rather guido looking (but classy), and I donned fishnets, ankle boots, and a red corset.  We get to this downtown warehouse loft, check in with the security, and take a freight elevator to the party.  It looked like an erotic museum in Amsterdam, erotic art was everywhere. 

Dr. Susan Block, who was the hostess, was wearing white lingerie and a wide brimmed summer hat, with a live snake around her wrist.  She was giving the prayer of Eros with confidence and pride. 

It really was a celebration of sexuality, which I totally dig. There was an open bar (which we gladly took advantage of), as well as fabulous finger foods, and sweets. There was a handful of porn people there, Axel Braun, Chad Diamond, Dane Cross, Lily Cade, Misti Dawn, Scott Lyons, Sinn Sage, Mike Vegas and April Flores (If I inadvertantly left someone out, I apologize). 

There was some fucking but mostly by the people who were “supposed” to.  Everyone else talked, socialized, got their bodies painted with neon latex, or just got fucked up like Jeremy and myself.  We drank like fish, and “smoked” like chimney’s.  It wasn’t until later that I realized some of the mini sweets had some “special spice” baked into them. 

We got so fucked up that we were dancing and socializing all night.  I have no idea what was in the sweets, but it made us feel awfully good and sexy.  We danced and kissed and held each other all night.  It was great.  By the wee hours in the morning, Jeremy decided he was sober enough to drive home.  When we got home, Jeremy hurled four times into the toilet.  It was that violent type of hurl, he then crawled into bed and passed out.  We rarely go partying like that, but every once in awhile it’s fun.  

Saturday night at Dr Suzy’s Eros Day was a blast!

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