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Lucky Starr Does Asian Model Palooza- Pics

 Asian Model Palooza by Lucky Starr

Evelyn Lin and Lucky Starr
     Well, it’s that time of year again.  LA’s Asian American ladies came to strut their stuff at Asian Model Palooza 2011.  Some of the adult industry’s finest talent was there as well as go-go dancers, bikini/lingerie models, and exotic dancers were there as well.  The event was held at Deja Vu in downtown Los Angeles.  Part of the event took place in their garage where they had a stage that featured the go-go dancers and some live music performances as well as companies selling their adult products.  Inside the club were the featured performers (myself included) and lap dances.  I usually like to call this “Horny guys with Cameras and an Asian Fetish Day”.  Some of the adult industry attendees were Michelle Maylene, Evelyn Lin, London Keyes, Malaysia Blue, Mia Rider, Asa Akira, Asia Zo, Yuki Mori, Ariel Rose, as well as some token Latinas like my good buddy, Lexi Veracruz.  There weren’t as many ladies as last year, but not as many men either.

Ariel Rose and Yuki Mori
    Things started out very slow, and the evening was starting to look like a lost cause for me.  I gave one lap dance early in the evening, to someone who got a “little too excited”.  Things started to pick up after my feature dance.  I did a traditional burlesque fan dance.  It was my tribute to the great Chinese American nude fan dancer, Noel Toy Young, whose performances brought nationwide recognition to burlesque clubs in New York and San Francisco.  She also took an active stand against anyone that made stereotypes against Asian Americans.  Jeremy and I found her final resting place at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery next to her husband.

London Keyes
   Many people complimented me on my performance using such words as “classy” and “elegant”.  But the true compliment to me, are the greenbacks on the stage, the bottom line is the dollar sign.  For some reason, most men in LA don’t get it.

Go-go dancers, Suemomo and Phoenix Chao
    After my feature, I was ready to pack up and head home, when the lap dances started happening for me.  These men were very generous and tipping me on the side as well.  The club let us charge whatever we wanted for a dance, as long as they got $10 each dance.  After the many lap dances, I was pretty wiped out but at least the evening wasn’t a total loss.

Mia Rider
    By the end of the evening, my feet were screaming and I was so happy to be back in warm sweats and comfy gymshoes. I treated myself to a quesadilla from the taco cart, counted my blessings (money) and dragged myself home.  So hopefully all the ladies made money and all the horny guys with cameras have some masturbatory content to last them awhile.  But in the end, a good time was had by all.

Naked sushi girl of the night, Asia Zo

  Lexi Veracruz
Lucky Starr 
[email protected]


#98- Naked sushi girl of the night, Asia Zo

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