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Lucky Starr Does Sean Michaels and Tells Us About it!

MILFs Like It Black- A Day With Sean Michaels
by Lucky Starr
lucky sean m

I got a call from my agent. I was booked for a B/G scene for Brazzers/mofos. The day before the shoot, I got more information. I was flying to Vegas in the morning, shooting the scene, flying back in the evening. It was an interracial scene with the legendary Sean Michaels. Wow!! I knew this day was going to be good, exhausting but good!!

So my boyfriend, Kevin, drove me to Burbank airport, flew to Vegas, and called the driver to pick me up. They took me to the studio, which was like a non-stop porn shooting environment. I got my hair and makeup done, and waited to be driven to set. My Asian friend Joe was going to be an extra. He’s Thai and very active in web work for other porn stars, so he’s pretty active in the community. Sean Michaels was sitting there too. I honored to be working with someone so legendary and respected in the business. So now we’re on the way to the location, which was a house they’ve never shot in before. The Las Vegas heat was blazing! The other extras were already on location.
The setup was this, it was a house where women come and pay money to get pleasured by men. Of course, most of the men that live there are black. Pretty cool, huh? So the scene begins when the guys are ordering all sorts of Chinese food, and Joe delivers the food. The order is all wrong, so they send him back to get the order right, but instead I come to the door. They start screaming at me to give them some food, and in a bad Asian accent, I tell them that it’s racist for them to assume I’m a restaurant owner because I’m Asian. They finally negotiate to take care of me, and Sean and I finish the scene. That first part of the scene was a hoot! As far as all the acting went, there wasn’t a time when we all wanted to burst out laughing!

So now the actual sex scene begins. Sean really knows his product. I’ve learned so much from him this day, and everything he said about the industry fascinated me. He’s 55 years old and in the business for 22 years. I’ve been amazed lately at how many performers I’ve heard of that are in their mid-50s and still going strong, which just goes to show you…sexy has no age limits, body type, or racial barriers. So there’s hope for me yet!!
The scene went great!! Sean was very attracted to me, and kept complimenting me on my performance, appearance, and lots of other things, which coming from him is quite a compliment indeed!!
After the scene was over, we got paid, scarfed down some pizza, chatted with the owner of the house for a bit, then raced back to the office so I can get my suitcase, then dropped back off at the airport.
Sean and I were on the same flight and had a few hours to kill. For awhile, we sat in the airport bar and I just bombarded him with questions. So here’s the brief Sean Michaels bio…..

Sean was born 1958 and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He started out as a nurse, then went into porn as something he wanted to try out. He moved to Cali in 1977, and worked more in porn in Europe before making his mark here. He pretty much paved the way for black male performers in the industry for years. He recently broke ties with his distributor which was Evil Angel which pretty much took a huge chunk of his profits just for putting their name on it. He has to children, a son 26 and in the service, and an 8 year old daughter but he never married.
His advice to men trying to make it in the industry…always work on your craft (you can never stop learning), be respectful to the women you work with, always stay fit (always keep up on your diet and exercise), but most of all be SMART, because no one will hire you if you come across as dumb. Another big piece of advice was , “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because they will be the same people you come across on the way down.”
The way he carries himself is very sexy. He wore a tie on the plane, is very articulate, but carries himself like a gentleman. Confidence is the sexiest trait of most people.
We sat next to each other on the plane ride back, and parted ways when I saw my car pull up which was close to the baggage claim. As predicted, it was an amazing, but exhausting day. Kevin and I talked about it over Chili’s appetizers. The job was great, the scene was great, and having some adult industry wisdom passed on was nice too. Oh, and the BBC was pretty cool too!!!!

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