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Lucky Starr’s Pics & Her AVN adventure.


Lucky in her red carpet walking dress

    Hey, Lucky Starr here!  My AVN/AEE experience was different than my partner in crime, Jeremy Steele.  But in the end we both got what we wanted, he got to watch football and I went on my own self-promotional tour.  There was an “Oh shit” moment when I was trying to park at the Palms the night of the AVN awards and realized I’d forgotten the tickets in the hotel room.  At that moment, I begged Jeremy to take a cab and give them to me, in which he replied, “But the Jets are playing!”.  At that moment I gave Jeremy the speech about how he shouldn’t put his life on hold because of a fucking game!!!!!!  I’ve never been able to understand that about men, and I never will.

   I wound up parking across the street at Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and begging a cab driver to drive me across the street.  I saw lots of people I knew, so I was a social butterfly.  The red carpet crowd seemed very similar to last year for me.  I ran into my friend Michael of Snowman’s Raincoat Reviews, and my Filipino fan club that were there for me last year.  They started hugging me and screaming my name.  Filipinos love seeing one of their own in the spotlight.  I like to represent them well.  When I got into the awards ceremony, I said hi to some people, but still felt like a bit of a loser for being alone.  But a friendly man named Jon, who is a very good friend of Jenna Haze, sat next to me and we had a wonderful conversation until the awards show began.  He even bought me a drink. He wasn’t trying to hit on me, he was just a really nice guy.  After the awards, I walked across the street, it was really cold, and I had no coat (I had to work the outfit), drove back to the hotel, and Jeremy and I went out for ice cream at 12:30 am.

  Sunday was my day to sign at the AVN booth, so I was busy posing for pictures and signing autographs.  I was able to do some networking afterwards, and then I shot a POV scene for a small company based out of Detroit.  The weekend turned out to be a huge success, I got to network, make some money, and just be fabulous, which was exactly my goal for the weekend.

Justine Joli & Lucky

 Puma Swede and Kieran Lee

James Deen & Lucky

Sophia Lynn


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