Lucy Banks Speaks Out on MAFS Star Olivia Frazer Joining the Platform

Lucy Banks

Lucy Banks, one of Australia’s most popular OnlyFans stars and influencers, is addressing the messy brouhaha surrounding Married at First Sight co-stars Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco.

For those not keeping up with the ongoing feud that’s been splashed about the tabloids the past couple of weeks between two of the reality show’s most controversial stars from Season 9, “Olivia shared with her castmates a nude photo of Domenica, with the clear intention of causing her harm and embarrassment,” says Banks.

She further explains that Frazer made the considerable effort to humiliate Calarco by outing her as an OnlyFans model, and then joined the platform in May to benefit from it herself. “It is really disappointing to see someone who trashed our industry, illegally shared images and relentlessly bullied an OnlyFans creator, then has the cheek to try to profit from our platform. We do NOT claim her as a fellow creator.

“As adult industry representatives, we have all faced backlash and judgement from people like Olivia; that isn’t how we treat each other in this world. People like Olivia are why this industry is so stigmatised. It’s embarrassing that she’s made such a big deal about demonising OnlyFans creators, and then joined the industry herself to make a quick buck and try to stay relevant.

“It’s really cool to see stars from MAFS and other reality TV shows join OnlyFans and capitalise on their fame. It’s so smart and I love to see it… but not someone who outed a fellow creator on national television. It’s not nice that Olivia has made such a name for herself being such a bully towards OnlyFans creators, and now she wants a piece of the pie. Personally, I hope there’s a court case and Domenica is awarded every single cent that Olivia earns from OnlyFans.”

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