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Lucy Lee Interview At Club Facade Saturday Night

Videos: Lucy Lee Interview Club Facade Party – Tabatha Tucker, Johnny Knox, Brad Thomas Tabatha Tucker Interview Tabatha Tucker Poses Debauchery girls stream by Club Facade Justin Syder, Gwen Diamond (blonde), Bianca Dagger arrive to Club Facade Lela Star, Johnny Knox interviews Gwen Diamond Interview

Stills: Jessica Jaymes Jessica Jaymes with her hairdresser escort Keith
Keith, Jessica Jaymes Keith, Jessica Jaymes
Lucy Lee Lucy Lee
Lucy Lee Lucy Lee
Tabitha Tucker Tabitha Tucker
Tabitha Tucker Tabitha Tucker
Tabitha Tucker Tabitha Tucker
Tabitha Tucker Tabitha Tucker
Tabitha Tucker Tabitha Tucker

I show up at 10 p.m. No industry people arrive until 11 p.m. By the time I leave at midnight, the party is still dead.

“This is my punishment as a Catholic for throwing a porn party on the day before Easter Sunday,” says promoter Brad Thomas.

Tabatha Tucker has been in the industry for five years, one year in Los Angeles. She’s done over 100 scenes.

Tucker is represented by

She lost her relationship with a couple of family members after she entered porn.

Johnny Knox has been in porn for five years. He’s the ex-Mr. Kelly Erikson.

“She’s delivered a child and moved to Rhode Island [with Anthony Simone]. I was still on the road with Kelly and Shy Love. She’s dating Anthony. He’s had a vasectomy. She’s pregnant. He swears it’s mine. He gets tested and finds out his vasectomy never took. It’s his baby. He’s been banging porn stars left and right, blowing it up in them. He could’ve had any of them pregnant and lucky enough it’s my ex-wife.

“They’re opening up a pet store.”

“I met her in Minnessota. She was working at Wall-Mart. I was trying to get into porn.”

Kelly and Johnny were together for five years.

“Kelly and Britney Skye were having sex with Anthony at the same time. Kelly hates Britney. Kelly swore that she’d never talk to me again if I had sex with Britney.”

“We have ten girls [at] who’ve never been in the business including one girl who’s a pure virgin. Never had sex with anybody.”

Luke: “What do you love and hate about being a part of this industry?”

Johnny: “I hate that everybody thinks we’re pigs.”

Lela Star has been in porn for a year.

Luke: “What are your ambitions?”

Lela: “For everyone to know my name.”

Gwen Diamond has done about 100 scenes in her 18-month career. “What I love about this industry is the attention and casual sex and money. What I don’t like about the business is the health risks.”

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