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Luka Update-Found more Info- White Supremacist? Mentally Ill? & Victim Named

Picture is of Luka in Paris. He was visiting France & England as a tourist six months ago.

from While in the UK, he was confronted by journalists after posting internet film showing a live kitten being fed to a snake. In an email to The Sun in December he supposedly said: ‘You will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won’t be small animals.’ He sent a similar warning to the BBC.
Yesterday  190 countries joined in an Interpol manhunt for  Magnotta.

That warning allegedly came true, as today we find out the victim of the murder/dismemberment was Luka’s gay chinese boyfriend, a 33 year old student named Jun Lin. News sites are reporting that the day after the murder Luka flew to France. He is thought to currently be in France or England. Officials say he is probably disguised as a woman.

It appears that Luka speaks or at least reads Russian as he follows many russian tweeters who don’t tweet in English. He has previously gone by a russian name  and there are rumors he is of russian decent.

He also follows various white supremacy bloggers which led me to a post that applauded Luka’s stand on whites having their own country. Luka says

“blacks get their own countries, Chinese get their own countries … however if white people want their own countries then we are denied that right.”

I also found a comment posted by “Luka Magnotta” ( now I can’t be sure that it’s the same person, or that he actually posted it) from 2007 on an article about mental illness. He says-

I first realized I was truly sick when I started hearing voices,” he wrote. “I was in the park and I just heard screams and people talking in my ear.” He claimed to be on medication and to have turned his life around after a time on the streets in Toronto. “I travel the world, ride around in limos, have only the most expensive clothing,” he wrote. “I’ve come a long way from eating out of old pizza boxes on the streets.”

More to come….

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