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Luke & Holly Love Story- REDUX- pt 2

LUKE & HOLLY Grow up.

Luke’s Childhood could easily be classified as an unhappy one. His beautiful loving mother got sick when Luke was very young. She was diagnosed with bone cancer and after a painful wasting away, died three years later, when Luke was four years old.

Luke’s father remarried quickly to a woman who also had medical problems. Luke and his siblings were shuffled around from house to house, among friends and relatives. This unstable upbringing made Luke an introspective, shy child, who felt like an outsider. Luke only got the attention he craved by misbehaving.

He grew up missing the calming nurturing influence of a female figure in his life, which has shaped his adult personality and his conflict in the role a woman should play. He is still torn between wanting a smart, career-oriented woman to take care of him financially and a stay at home wife who cooks, cleans, pops out babies, and takes care of him emotionally.

Which ever one of these women he chooses must also posses high morals and purity and of course be Jewish or willing to convert. ( I know I said Luke was raised a by a seventh day adventist minister. He was. I’ll get to the Jewish part, just stay with me) In 1977 Luke moves with his father and his stepmother half way around the world to California for a fresh start, he ten years old…..

Holly was raised in a creative, bohemian, hippy-ish household. Holly’s Mom Suze, with her sexy English accent brought in the income as a highly paid and highly respected photographer for Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse and most other of “those type” of magazines.

Suze often shot with Holly around. This is memorialized in a published picture of Holly as a baby slung around Suze’s front, as Suze’s snaps pictures of a model. Holly’s father, South African, Humphry Knipe, an attractive scholarly type stayed home to write his highly intellectualized, often controversial tomes. Holly and her siblings. were raised in an open-minded family, where nakedness, and sex were out in the open. As Holly got older, her family got richer, and she soon lived the life of a privileged teenager and then college student. She took photography classes and then began attending UCLA…..

 UPDATE 4.09 Holly adds-“I actually wasn’t around while my mom shot– that photo you speak of was a publicity shot for Hustler and it was definitely staged. I just don’t want people to think my parents intentionally exposed minors to porn shoots– neither they nor I advocate pornography as being suitable for children. Just wanted to make that clear!”

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