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Luke & Holly- The Love Story -Redux-intro

Cindi-I am quite surprised that all the readers of this site do not know of Luke & Holly’s love story. But since I wrote a whole long article about it in 2006, I can fill in all the details. Lucky you! So here is the first part of several, and yes down the road there are some dirty deeds revealed, lol

This is Holly and Luke. As in Holly Randall, famous photographer and movie maker following in her Mom, Suze Randall’s footsteps. Holly shoots beautiful naked women ( and men) for all the famous men’s magazines and also shoots X-rated movies under the Suze Randall name.

Luke, is Luke Ford, infamous porn journalist and blogger on Luke is well known for posting without fear, although he has been beaten up and threatened, he continues to say what he wants, about who he wants including mafia and ex-convicts, and porn stars ( of course I don’t think porn stars fit into the same category as the first two).

Holly and Luke are both complex, and intriguing people, and I have SOOOO much to tell you about them. Holly was nice enough to have a long talk with me about her life, her family and her ex-boyfriend, now good friend, Luke Ford.

You’ve can start reading about them today and I’ll continue giving you more info  when I will start posting our interview in parts. You’ll be hooked right from the start….. as in NOW……….Luke grew up partially in Australia with his father a strict vegetarian Seventh Day Adventist minister. There are pictures of Suze Randall, nine months pregnant shooting nude models with Holly in her belly. Very interesting starts to two very interesting lives……

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