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Luke is Back, is Back

Yes it was a stressful nightmare. At this point I would NOT recommend using VERIO as your hosting company. For the amount of money I spent to move my site there, and what I pay every month, it is TOTALLY unacceptable to be down for over 24 hours. Especially when I find out that it is NOT a big Verio problem with lots of their sites as I was originally told. It was a glitch that caused a hang up that was finally fixed ( when my tech guy got to a second tier person who knew what they were doing) in FIVE minutes!

It should have been fixed, and I’ll be generous here, within 10 minutes of us reporting the problem, instead it took hours of phone calls and e-mails and tweets. I even received an email saying the problem was resolved when my site was not even showing up on the web!

Needless to say I am VERY aggravated. I need to go chill for a while. So sorry for not being here when you came to read.

I will catch up with some stories later tonight or tomorrow.

Talk amongst yourselves, lol   xo, C

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