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Luke Meets Holly- Luke & Holly Love Story part 4

This is a reprint of a story I did when Luke Ford and Holly Randall where dating in 2006

But as always, Luke needed to create controversy in his life. He decided his first book would be ” The History of X”, a factual book about the first one hundred years of Adult Films. He jumped right in to work, planning to be a researcher and observer. Feeling he would have no problem balancing his work and his religion, Luke kept his book’s subject matter in his work world, and his religious observances in his personal world.

Never did he think he would become a permanent resident of the porn family, nor a reporter on the industry. As a matter of fact he decided before hand he wanted nothing more to do with X or it’s characters after his book was done. Prometheus Books published “The History of X” in 1999, to not so rave reviews.

But Luke didn’t reject his new found subject matter. He got drawn in. He was fascinated and repulsed at the same time by these people who had sex for a living. Luke came out of his shell a bit, even to go as far as to participate in an X-rated movie. Luke started his own gossip site, which became the top site to read. He ran it for several years until he did what he knew he should have done long ago. He sold his site for $25, 000 and took a year long pilgrimage Israel. He wanted to get back to his roots, his religion and away from his vice.

Coming back to Cali about a year later, he tried making a living with other types of writing and soon found himself drawn back to X, and welcomed back with open arms by the adult community. After running a few sites for other people, he started up where he left off with Back to writing about the porn insiders, and also mafia dealings, corruption and underhanded money dealings. Back to being the Luke Ford he was before he left.

In October 2005, Luke covered an X-Rated industry award show in Tampa, and ended up spending some time with a beautiful girl named Holly. It all started when he asked her to go swimming….


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