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Luke To Go Postal?

Conky writes on XPT:

It’s been coming a while, but the above shot should illustrate that after being shaken to within an inch of his life by an AVN staffer, Luke has decided to go Bronson.

According to a phone tap on his landlord, Luke has been leaving his hovel late at night wearing a long, dark coat only returning hours later smelling of cordite and blood.

Has a porner you know gone missing lately? Has anyone who spoke out against Luke failed to show up on set? Is John T Bone expected back in LA soon?


Dan G posts:

If you look closely at the reflection in the TV screen, you can see the sort of abject squalor Luke chooses to live in.

Mr. Ford, if you truly wish to be our Moral Leader, you might do well to tidy up the house once in a while…just look at all the crap strewn on the floor!

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