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Luke’s Phony

D. writes:

I’m ashamed of you. You’re a liar, a slanderer, and a self-righteous cunt. The fact that web-surfing losers take your word as anything close to fact is a testament to human stupidity.
You hang around the porn industry like a parasite to indulge your pathetic faggot fascination, while decrying so-called “porners” as immoral inferiors. Meanwhile, you remain mired in the very business you condemn because you are wholly devoid of talent.
You get away with your bullshit only to the extent that a) the “porners” are such easy targets, and b) your audience consists of clueless internet dorks who share your puerile attitudes and resentments. 
You use Judaism in much the same way you exploit porn. You don the trappings of religion like a clown costume to attract attention, all the while playing out your obvious anti-Semitic obsessions under the guise of faux Jewish piety.
Everything about you is repugnant and hypocritical.
So tell me, son: How DOES it feel to be a parasitic tard swirling around in the toilet bowl of the porn industry? And exactly why is it that you feel compelled to piss your infantile venom at the Jews while dressing up as one?

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