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Lupe Fuente’s Ex, Pablo Lapiedra, Caught


Porn producer-director Pablo Lapiedra, a Barcelona native and sometimes-resident of Spain, has been jailed in Budapest after disappearing while awaiting a Spanish court’s decision about extraditing him to face child sexual abuse charges.

Lapiedra jumped bail Dec. 20 when he failed to appear for an extradition hearing in a Madrid court. He and his ex-wife, Zuleidy Piedrahita — better known as porn star Lupe Fuentes — are wanted by Colombian authorities on charges they filmed and distributed sexually explicit materials featuring at least one 16-year-old Medellin girl. The international warrant also charges the pair with forging age-verification documents.

Fuentes, a native of Colombia, remains at large. Interpol issued a worldwide warrant for her arrest in July.

Barcelona police arrested Lapiedra March 17, 2010, and later released him on €100,000 bail, using his parents’ home as security. On Jan. 5, Spain’s Ministry of Justice confirmed his extradition in absentia.

Three days later, Hungarian police arrested Lapiedra at the Hungary-Romania border and charged him with traveling on a forged Czech passport. Hungarian authorities already have agreed to extradite Lapiedra to Colombia.

He will remain in Hungarian custody until Colombian authorities file documents to transfer the prisoner. Colombia has 40 days to complete the paperwork.

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