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Lupe & Lapiedra Are Innocent says brother…

From YNOT EUROPE – The presumption of innocence stands out for its absence in the case of director Pablo Lapiedra, arrested for employing underage girls in explicit scenes in Colombia.

Rivers of ink began to run, yet we still know little about the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Pablo Lapiedra, adult entertainment director and ex-husband of U.S.-based Spanish porn star Lupe Fuentes and Lucia Lapiedra, now famous under the name Miriam Sanchez. Lapiedra also is the ex-brother-in-law of popular Spanish porn actress María Lapiedra.

Pablo Lapiedra was arrested in his native Barcelona March 17 and awaits a judge’s decision about whether he will be extradited to Colombia to face charges he and Fuentes deceived at least one 16-year-old girl into explicit performances and provided her with falsified identification documents.

Ramiro Lapiedra, brother of the accused and also a porn actor, director under the name Torbe, believes his brother is innocent. He told Terra Noticias he is convinced his brother and Fuentes are victims of “deception by girl of 17 years who looks 20.”

On his own blog, Torbe wrote in his usual outspoken way, “They are charging that [my brother and Fuentes] falsified the [age-verification documents] of the actresses. Really, you’d have to be a total asshole to do that, and I doubt Pablo is [an asshole].”

Time and justice will continue to move slowly, but for now doubt remains on all sides.

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