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Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke aka 2 Live Crew Boss- Exclusive interview

I spent an hour on the phone with Luther today, and found out all that he is up too. We talked about his past, his present and his future. He is a really interesting, funny, sexy guy. I liked him so much that I am actually going to go meet him in person! (And you guys know I never leave my house, lol) I’ll be giving you parts of our interview over the next month as I write them. But for right now here’s some interesting stuff-

Luther is opening two Gentleman’s Clubs, and has plans for a chain. The first two are high end with an urban flair. Planned grand opening is in two weeks. One club is in West Palm Beach Florida and one is in Miami. The name proposed for the clubs  is “Uncle Luke’s Gentlemens Club.” I’ll give you more details as the party gets closer. And if you are in the area, AND HOT I bet I can get you in. I’m thinking in particular of my friend Diamond Jackson who I think would love Luther and vice versa.

Love in a platonic way only though, Luther is not single anymore. He got married a few months ago. His wife is a twenty something Law student and she makes sure Luther keeps his hands to himself these days, lol.  Luther had plenty of years and hundreds of girls, so he finally found the ONE that he is ready to settle down with.

If you watch VH1, you probably saw Luther’s series called “Luke’s Parental Advisory”. There were eight episodes in the first season and he is currently in negotiations about filming the next season. The show is reality TV showing “Uncle Luke” as a family man, and how he manages his work and parents his kids at the same time. 

The last music Luther put out was “My LIfe & Freaky Times, which was an autobiographical set of CD’s including music and Luther telling his life story. At the time it came out (2006) it was his farewell to the rap industry. His fans  changed his mind though, and he is back in the studio right now recording songs for an upcoming release.

I told Luther my favorite song of his was of course, Me So Horny, and my favorite line of his lyrics is “Face down, ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck.” His own personal favorite is “Hey we want some Pussy!”

I have a LOT more to tell you, we talked about sex, making adult movies, music, family, TV shows and of course his fight for free speech. I’ll fill you in on all the details. But i wanted to give you a quick heads up on him, because I was really excited to talk to him and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I think I will name our interview series- Luther Campbell, much more to cum!




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