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Lydia Lael, Model, Fetish, Latex- Interview

Interview by JEM

We’re days away from New York Rubber Ball and the fantastic fetish pageant, Miss Rubber World 2013, which marks the highpoint of the event. Not too different from how the AVN awards mark the high point of the Adult Entertainment Expo. Well, there’s one difference. An AVN award doesn’t come with thousands of dollars worth of latex fetish clothing. The New York Rubber Ball is one of the biggest fetish events in the USA, and we had a chance to interview the incredible Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs. She ran for the Miss Rubber World title last year and came in as 1st runner up. This year, Lael is working closely with some contestants and will present a fashion show of her latest slippery rubber fetish creations.

Luke is Back: Good evening Lydia. You’re not just a designer, but also a model for fetish and mainstream adult. What new and exciting things have happened since you ran for Miss Rubber World last year?

Lydia Lael: Good evening! A lot has happened since I ran for Miss Rubber World last year. I graduated college with my degree in Fashion Design. I showed my imaginative “Dead Souls” collection in the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. I traveled to Montreal Fetish Weekend for the second time in a row where I put on another fashion show, two unique fetish shows, and participated in many weekend festivities. This previous weekend I also traveled to Fetish Evolution Weekend in Germany for the first time where I premiered my new military collection, “Discipline,” and took the international stage by storm with a fierce group of glamazon models!

LIB: You’re working with contestant Julie Simone this year, who’s sworn not to tell us what she’s got in store for her fantasy performance, can you give us a hint as to what’s to come?

Lael: Well, if you know anything about Julie Simone, you know she has a sexy and perverted mind. Combine that with her creativity and you have an amazing show. My lips are sealed, but just know that you will be in for a kinky treat.

LIB: Are there other contestants you’re working with this year?

Lael: On top of working with Julie, I also made some new rubber items for the contestant, Queen Titania. She has a lot of my star pieces like that Batgirl catsuit and my sleek Noir Gown.  I don’t pick favorites, though.

LIB: Have your designs moved in a different direction since last year. What can we expect for your fashion show at Miss Rubber World?

Lael: Now that I’m done with school. I finally have time to work on all the collections that I put on the back burner while I was focusing on my degree. Over the winter, I broke the chilly spirit with a bright collection called “Color Me Kinky.” Recently, both Fetish Evolution and now the NY Rubber Ball are treated to my newest military uniform collection, “Discipline.”

LIB: You’ve done a lot of fantastic nude modeling, which do you prefer, nude modeling or fetish modeling?

Lael: I like to combine a bit of both. I love the female figure and I love latex. Putting the two together will always result in an amazing photoshoot.

LIB: Who’s your favorite photographer to work with?

Lael: I work with so many talented people, it’s impossible to pick favorites.

LIB: As a designer, what latex item would you recommend for someone who’s new and curious about latex?

Lael: Starting with accessories is a great way to integrate rubber into your wardrobe. One of my favorite pieces are the fingerless opera gloves. They go with pretty much any outfit whether its fetish or or just an edgy street look. Chokers and wrist cuffs are great accessory pieces as well.

LIB: Are there other latex designers that you love to work with and model for?

Lael: Before I started designing latex, I often modeled for Dawnamatrix and Latex Nemesis. Both are such talented designers and amazing friends that I still collaborate with.

LIB: What latex creation are you most proud of?

Lael: I’m currently really ecstatic about our new latex waist-training corset. Never before has something like this been on the fetish market and I’m excited to be sharing it with the kinky world. I collaborated with expert corset designer, Sin and Satin, to create a latex corset that equals in quality and stability to a fabric waist-training corset, but in all rubber. This innovative new design begins with a fully steel boned fabric corset base which is then encased in two layers of rubber. The end result is a fully rubber corset with all the cinching power of a fabric waist trainer. All cinch and no stretch!

LIB: We’re going off the deep end for a moment, but know that the rubber scene attracts many cross dressing fetishists. What would starting latex garment would you recommend for a male who wants to become a sexy rubber doll?

Lael: There are many ways to become a sexy rubber doll, but I think a dress with lots of ruffles is a good place to start.

LIB: What was your favorite moment out of the Miss Rubber World competition, and who are you looking forward to seeing again, aside from the awesome Julie Simone?

Lael: My favorite moment was winning 1st runner up last year and I’m looking forward to seeing all my kinky friends.

LIB: Thank you so much for your time today. Do you have any major appearances or fashion shows planned for after the New York Rubber Ball?

Lael: After the New York Rubber Ball, you can catch me at this years Fetish Factory Anniversary Weekend parties, Montreal Fetish Weekend, and the Von Gutenberg Ball.

The New York Rubber Ball kicks off Thursday night with the Fixe Fetish Party at One and One in New York City. You can see Lael’s fashion show at the Miss Rubber World competition on Saturday night, April 6th at Union Square West in the Big Apple. For tickets and more details, check out

Lydia Lael has at least two great sites worth keeping an eye on with for Vengeance Designs, and for her delicious modeling and photo shoots.

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