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Lying on Boxcovers, What do you Think? Den & Houston Don Disagree

NL- Good discussion topic going on over at the Adultdvdtalk forum on “Boxcover Lies – Do you care?”  I’ll tell you what, any lying bothers me, and if something on the boxcover is not in the movie, THAT is downright lying and deceptive advertising. I’d like to hear of some examples you guys have found of this, I’ll then talk to the companies and see what they have to say.  I’ve grabbed some quotes from the topic, you can read the whole thing here-

Den Writes- I have been having email and phone discussion with B. Skow about Vivid’s boxcovers.
Please read my review of Brand New Faces #22
I have complaining for 8 months that Vivid Boxcover includes extras that are not on the disc.I think it is wrong and should be stopped. It is bad for B. Skow and Vivid and for the entire adult industry! Don Houston did a fine job taking my complaint to the very top of Vivid management and reportedly getting their attention (which I could not manage to do).Now today I am reading reviews on and I find this quote in Don Houston’s review of Bounce 2:Again, there was no positions menu for the one guy that reportedly cares. ?  Yes Don, I do care! I care when one of our leading Studios lies on a boxcover repeatedly! I wish you cared.  And, Don, for some reason I don’t think I am the only person who cares!

Don Houston writes-Hi Den!  Just because I fussed at the folks over at Vivid doesn’t mean I feel obligated to exaggerate the specific importance of an extra to the world. Just as a photogallery/slide show adds nothing for me, trailers add almost nothing, and a short BTS with no meat in it adds very little, a positions menu is worthless for me. You were right to point it out to me and I was right to point it out to Vivid but you’re the only person that has ever complained about it to me.

I’ve had hundreds of people complain about condoms, dozens of people complain about directors that talked continuously during the scenes, and even a handful of people that complained about female performers that had not worked with blacks. How many people have complained about a lack of positions menu? One. How many people have written me or otherwise communicated about things like choking? One. How many people have given the same amount of points for a BTS lasting a couple minutes long as one lasting over an hour? One.

If I sound harsh, consider that there are indeed degrees of worthiness when it comes to raising any issue. I lowered the score of the movie advertising “five stories” when there were four and mentioned the positions menu issue there in passing. If there is a groundswell of people upset over the matter, I will adjust future reviews but so far, there’s just you. Liking you doesn’t mean I should tear down a rating to “Skip It” over something so minute (I consider the full range of scores in my reviews, not just an artificial range from 7.0 to 9.0 or whatever you do now).

Best Wishes, Don

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