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Lynton Appelson Blasted

NYT writes:

Did you hear about the time when Lynton Appleson screwed Spallone on a deal. Phil Provenzano, Lynton’s former ‘best friend’ that works with Mitch Weston, was in his office and in through the door Spallone busts, gets up on the desk and grabs Lynton and pins him to his leather chair, threatens to kill Lynton. If you are tight with Spallone you can ask him about it, Phil wouldn’t lift a finger, just tried to calm down Spallone, until Rosie his secretary got in there and grab him and through him out.

It’s been said that a company in Wijchen, Netherlands called Multistock BV invested in marketing the Robert Hill label for €100,000 euros (equivalent to $136,470 as of today).

The investment could have led to a ‘positive’ look upon the Robert Hill label, however, that did not happened instead, the Robert Hill brand was released all over Europe, while instead being an exclusive brand, it just became the ordinary rubbish that Mr. Appleson releases, and “whores” out the product left to right to make a quick buck.

One must start to ask if there wasn’t some form of word of an agreement between Multistock and Robert Hill Entertainment, and why a company would spend that kind of money on a brand if there weren’t any guarantees in return.

One can only speculate, however Mr. Appleson has made a name for himself, and is notorious in creating scandalous affairs.

While he lost his case against Chris @ Anabolic, he bravely bragged about the amount he had to pay, hmm, was that to say that it wasn’t enough, or that he could pay out, well he should have been able to pay to since he is sitting on a few fat offshore accounts. Wouldn’t IRS like to know.

He was so eager to get rid off Rosie his accountant, when he hired on another accountant working side by side with Rosie this year to fix his books. Even the new accountat gave Lynton her ten cents about how she like to be treated, and she did voice herself that he wasn’t a man of his words. Rosie had no idea what was going on, and suddenly she was out. It was all in Lynton’s little master plan for his new accountant to see what Rosie was doing, and he was afraid that Rosie would fuck things up for him.

A lot of customers that bought products from Lynton, bought cash-in-hand, a invoice number was created while the books were open year after year. So when the buyer came by with ‘cash’ the invoice was erased, but the invoice number remaind, and assigned to another buyer that bought with check. He could only do this while the books were open. However, this year he probably have had visits from different govermental departments and decided to clean up his ‘mess’. That doesn’t mean that he is going legit.

Lynton Appelson is an Englishman notorious for his dodgy ways. Rob Ragan was the sales guy for White Tiger Releasing (gay). At the very least they shared an office with Lynton (Robert Hill, etc.). Rob abruptly left WTR last month… I can only assume he and Lynton had a falling out.

Naomi Ragan emails:


Let me start off by saying that I am sending this letter without Rob’s knowing. But I feel that there are definitely somethings about this situation that NEED to be straighted out. See Rob is such a good guy. I have asked him actually pleaded with him to defend himself and to let people especially the studios know what kind of a person you really are. But HE absolutely refuses to do that. So guess what, Lets let the studios know the real truth about what happened this week and in the past year that Rob has worked for you. Studios please read this entire letter and as the old saying goes “BUYER BE WARE!”

I am absolutely devastated that you would have the audacity to call up every one of the studios associated with White Tiger and out and out LIE to them about what happened. You somehow seemed to have left all the REAL facts out of your version of the story. How DARE you EVER call me up and raise your voice to me. I am not now nor have I ever been one of your employees nor have i been anything but NICE to you. Lynton somehow you forgot to tell the studios that you yelled at me because Rob was sleeping. When Rob called you up because you yelled at me, You called Rob a Fucking Cunt. Again, How Dare You. But again Lynton, somehow you forgot to tell people that, In fact you went so far as to LIE to Bill from HDK and tell him that you “never talked to Rob” that is an exact quote. You are a LIAR! Not only did you talk to Rob 1 hour after you yelled at me but you called him and started screaming at Rob calling him a Fucking Cunt and said “you have a company to run you piece of shit” That is an EXACT QUOTE. Yet Lynton when you played Robs messages to you on your cell phone did you forget to mention those things? I offer for you to provide a copy of your phone bill to PROVE to Bill at HDK that you didn’t call Rob. But then again Lynton if you were to supply Bill with the phone bill, Bill would see that you Lied to him. And you couldn’t have that. The truth is Lynton that you are nothing more then a common liar and thief as evident by your business practices. (I.E. Anabolic there lawsuit against you that they WON!!!!) And didn’t you just last week by American Excess on a “back door” deal? I am absolutely SURE that they would LOVE to find out how you were able to get that product from Jeff Krull for such a low price when there product sells for $12 a piece. Do you think the IRS would like to know also?

Lynton did you forget that for 3 weeks straight Rob did nothing but work and did you forget that he started having problems with his wisdom tooth at least 1 1/2 weeks BEFORE Orlando? The infection from his abscess got so bad that they gave him a Z-Pack. That is the strongest antibiotic available. But somehow you forgot to tell the studios that because of Robs Work schedule he was unable to have it looked it. That is also not including the fact that you knew that financially he wasn’t able to have it taken care of. Lynton how many times did you PROMISE Rob that he was getting a percentage of White Tiger? I heard you say it at least twice. Once back in May when you were talking with Rob in Your office and I was sitting on the couch still pregnant with our son. The second time was back in Las Vegas when we were standing around the circle bar with Rachel and Justin the buyer from Metro. Why didn’t that happen Lynton? Is it the same reason that you are presently being sued by how many different companies because you refuse to pay people what you owe them? In fact I offer for any and ALL of the studios to please contact Dreamgirls and ask them why they presently have a lawsuit against Lynton? Then maybe the studios will find out what kind of a person you really are Lynton.

And since we are going to talk about money for a moment, Lynton back in September you took a look at Robs Sales for the week. Unfortunately he had a slow week and his commission (if you paid him commission) would have been 750.00. Because of that you told Rob that from now on he was working on commission and that you would LOVE to be writing him checks every week for 3000.00. Well, the next week came and Robs commission check was 2,953.00 Why did you only give him his normal pay amount? How could you look at him and scoff and say “I’m not paying you that, your not making more then I do!” Lynton, again YOU LIED!

And why don’t you tell Colleen and Kurt that the product they are selling for you everyday to stores that You and Rachel are marking everything up AT LEAST .50 a piece? You really do enjoy screwing everyone over. I mean Lynton common now these two work hard for you every day, day after day and yet you are screwing them every week out of commission that they are rightfully due. So see it isn’t just Rob that you lie cheat and steal from it is ALL of your employees with the exception of Rachel. But of course that’s your girl….God if it wasn’t for Rob you would have never even met her.

So much has happened in the past year that Rob has worked for you. Did he not help you get your company situated for the labor board when you were being sued by Rosy? You had so much cover up to do because though in some ways Rosy was absolutely Wrong, but Lynton you and I both Know that in most complaints with Rosy she was right and that is why you scrambled to get things together.

Didn’t Rob also help you when you were Raided by the FBI? From what I hear that situation isn’t over yet is it?

You absolutely have some nerve talking about Rob and work ethics. You don’t know what work ethics are. I hope that your studios are aware that they are dealing with someone who has been convicted of DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!! Yes I am referring to Ruby Gottesman. Yes, that’s right, he is one of the people that went down for selling Tracy Lord Product. In fact even AFTER Ruby found out that he was selling CHILD PORN he STILL continued to sell it. You knew all about his past Lynton and STILL hired him. I mean common now when the FBI raided your warehouse didn’t it tell you something when Ruby ran out the back door as fast as he could shuffle? Yet that is the kind of person you are Lynton.

And what about the Drinking of alcohol in your office with Rachel? I’ve seen that too. And why do you allow people to smoke marijuana at the office? Do you not have any sort of work ethics?

Doug, Bill, Rocky, Harlan and David…Please take warning and be fully aware of what kind of person you are dealing with. Lynton has made each and every one of you promises and me personally I can care less what you decide. But this is LYNTON APPLESON PLEASE feel free to go to the GVN or AVN and do a search on all articles regarding Lynton Appleson, VIP Services or Robert Hill Releasing There you will find out that LONG and extensive history of Mr. Appleson has and what kind of business man he REALLY is!!!!


Naomi Ragan

I hope that all the studios are aware that Rob had to fight with Lynton MONTHLY so that your checks would get to you guys. David, How many times has Lynton changed the contract on you and how many times did you call Rob up screaming because Lynton hadn’t paid you yet? Bill, You might want to look back on Lyntons payment schedule to you and when you received your checks because You and I both know that you didn’t receive them when your contract says you were supposed to.

Rob Ragan emails April 24:


My name is Robert Ragan. I am the guy that created White Tiger Releasing.It has
been brought to my attention that yesterday you posted a personal letter that my wife wrote
to Lynton Appleson in reguards to things that transpired over the last year between he
and I.
I am however puzzled as to how you obtained that letter in the first place.Not that it really
matters at this point one way or another. What’s done is done and I can’t change and
absolutely refuse to dwell on the past. I just find it ironic that I had a conversation with
another web columnist just yesterday stating that I was glad that didn’t get out. I’m not a
drama kind of guy and just want to move on. Thankfully I’ve received a VERY flattering
responce from the industry and things are going to work out alot better than I even
hoped when I made the decision to walk away from what was mine to begin with.

For whatever it’s worth Mr Appleson isn’t the best at keeping his word…given !
I just had a very, very valuable lesson taught to me….that’s all. Not for nuthin’ Luke
but I would love very much to know who provided you with that information. I promise
that in no way will I be angry with the individual, I just want to make sure of something.

From my November 2005 file:

One Israeli named Chaim (DVD Concepts) was a major target. Chaim is close (partners in things?) with Bill Linton aka Lynton Appleson (British Jew) of VIP, who also owns Robert Hill Entertainment.

A source at DVDConcepts emphatically denies any wrongdoing on the part of his company and says he has the contracts to prove that everything the company does is legitimate.

Federal marshals met at the Lamplighter in Chatsworth at 4pm Monday. The raids went down around 7:50pm.

Zev at IVI and Danni at Skura (L&M Optical West) were also raided.

Evil Angel filed a piracy suit against Alon Nottea and his DVD Concepts May 2, 2005.

I believe these raids had something to do with Jill Kelly Productions (JKP). JKP and Bob Friedland signed deals, I’ve been told, so that if certain DVD companies such as DVDConcepts, are not paid in full, then the DVD companies have the right to resell their merchandise.

JKP filed for bankruptcy a few months ago and owed many people money (including replicators — perhaps DVDConcepts — hundreds of thousands of dollars).

“I used to do cash deals with Lynton,” says a source. “He used to sell me DVDs from all these companies for a buck or two bucks each. Of course he stole from all these companies. I didn’t care. I sold them for $19:99.

“Do you know who introduced me to Lynton? Mike Esposito.”

Lynton, who has a long ponytail and looks like he has hair transplants, is just the front man for Chaim for VIP.

Lynton is fond of wearing cowboy boots and often looks greasy.

He is partners with a guy in New York.

An email to DVDConcepts through its website bounced back Monday night.

Nov 16, 2005 court order. Nov 28, 2005 court order.

Gene Ross reports 11/23/05:

Porn Valley- Acting on a tip, US Marshals raided the offices of DVD Concepts and IVI Monday afternoon. They found approximately 20,000 pieces of pirated Jill Kelly Productions product at DVD Concepts.

According to sources, the raid began around noon and finished up around 10 at night. The confiscated pieces were then turned over to JKP.

Officials also seized masters for 77 titles which were on a silver disc.

“That means the discs were stamped in machine. They weren’t burned, so they weren’t blue discs,” a source told Adultfyi. “Those silver discs had no disc art on them which was one of the dead ringers. Aside from that, the sleeves were obviously scanned on a color scanner.

“Basically IVI [the replicator] had no right to mass produce any unauthorized product from Jill Kelly,” the source went on to say. “But they did and they sold them to Chaim at DVD Concepts and Chaim then commenced to move them the last two weeks all over the country.”

Tuesday is the first hearing in the case involving Zev from IVI and business associate Chaim from DVD Concepts. There were no arrests made Monday.

“The stuff was all over the streets,” the source continued. “The move that they made was a dumb one. Jill Kelly has been relatively dormant, so this company [Chaim] decides to ship out hundreds of thousands of pieces. They’ve been selling these titles for as little 95 cents and as much as a $1.25. They moved mass amounts of pieces. And most of the customers who bought them, bought them knowing there was a problem because JKP would never have sold them at those prices.”


David Woodman writes for AVN:

LOS ANGELES – For over a week, Jill Kelly Productions and companies DVD Concepts, International Video Innovation, Inc and L&M Optical have been embroiled in a messy legal battle over thousands of videos from Jill Kelly Productions.

A spokesman for Jill Kelly Productions alleges that the product is “pirated.” Meanwhile, DVD Concepts and IVI, Inc. maintain it has the “legal right” to sell the videos.

Last week, a team of U.S. Marshals seized, based on a court order, videotapes from the offices of DVD Concepts, IVI and the other companies/individuals named in the temporary restraining order.

‚ÄúSince joining Jell Kelly Productions last September, I have run into many, many cases of our current customers buying videos from Jill Kelly Productions at a huge discount,‚Äù said Jeff Krull, the former director of sales for JKP, who as of Monday was no longer with the company. “My customers told me that they bought new and old titles at a cheap price. ‚ÄúI let my bosses know that non-authentic product was out on the streets. My bosses immediately sought legal actions.”

Alon Notea, president of Chatworth-based DVD Concepts, said, ‚ÄúAll of our Jill Kelly product is legitimate. ‚ÄúThe person who I bought the videos from had the legal right to sell it to me. He showed me an agreement signed by former Jill Kelly Productions CEO Bob Friedland. The document gives us that legal right.” also spoke with Zeev Lavy of International Video Innovation. He confirmed the existence of a letter from Friedland giving the right to sell the videos.

Danni Skura, consultant to L&M Optical, said, ‚ÄúWe had nothing to do with this. … We will find out more in court tomorrow and see just what happens.‚Äù Skura said an attorney representing L&M Optical will be in court Tuesday.



Shortly after its filing, JKP asked the court to serve injunctions against a number of distribution companies from selling several of its masters.

Court documents named International Video Innovation Inc., L&M Optical Disc West LLC, DVD Concepts, Direct Video, Dara Distributors, Easy Bay Inc., Mallcom Inc., Triple A Video, Zeev Lavy, Danni Skura and Alon Notea as defendants. Additionally, a court order required International Video Innovation to turn over 6,000 copies of JKP videos to the U.S. Marshal.

Hollywood To Fight E-Piracy In Court?

From 5/17/04:

“With large-scale involvement of organized crime in the international replication and export of pirated DVDs and the large and rapidly growing threat of Internet piracy, the very future of the filmed entertainment industry and other copyright industries is at stake,” [Jack Valenti] told the subcommittee.

“We are receiving a consistent message that promising leads in intellectual property cases are not being pursued because of a lack of trained tech-savvy investigators who are familiar with how to conduct intellectual property investigations,” he added.

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