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Lynton Appelson Stories

I’ve collected some here.

I call Rob Spallone Wednesday to check on the veracity of one story I heard.

Rob: “[Circa 2002] I sold Lynton a bunch of masters of my fathers. I said, ‘You can pay me in a few weeks. They’re not exclusive. I sold them to a few people.’ He owed me about $19,000.

“I’ve been friendly with Bill. I’ve known him since he worked out of his car.

“Now he was a big shot supposedly. He had this big company.

“About two months later, he calls me up and says, ‘Rob, I changed my mind.’ The same thing that Joseph and Rita [Shemesh of Factory Home Video] did to me about ten years ago. They made Sal Sodano their editor. He copied all my masters. Then a month later they told me they changed their mind and want to give it back.

“It didn’t work out for them too good.

“Bill says, ‘I just bought a bunch of stuff from Danny Mamaine for a dollar. Why should I buy the masters?’ I said, so you can cut them up.

“I told him I didn’t want to hear a thing. I called him a Jew.

“He got up from behind his desk. He said, ‘You called me a Jew?’ He pushed me.

“I then threw him to the ground and choked him out. I said, ‘I’ll be back in a few hours. I want my money.’

“He called my mother and said that if I come back, he’ll have the cops come.

“I come the next day. There’s the other Israeli guy, Chaim. He had a big one-stop on De Soto. Chaim says, what’s the problem?

“I ended up getting my money. That proved to me that Chaim owns VIP, not Bill Lynton.”

I believe that Appleson owed $50,000 dollars to Chaim, who was the mastermind behind the bootleg of Anabolic’s product. Chaim then took over VIP, because Nymph was tarnished.

Chaim had a company called NYMPH pictures located on Nordoff. Lynton was and is very tight with Chaim. Lynton used Chaim to make his four hour videotape compilations that got digitized for DVD.

When Lynton could not pay up, Chaim took VIP as payment. Many porners seem to think that Lynton still is the sole owner of VIP, but Lynton only the front man. He is a puppy to Chaim. Many porners don’t trust Chaim and won’t sell to him. Chaim got Appleson to buy product, take his share of the load and then sell the rest to Chaim. Vivid was one of the companies that refused selling to Chaim.

Appleson’s companies are Underground Entertainment, Robert Hill Entertainment, and Overlord Management. Overlord use to be registered in Las Vegas , however, Lynton failed to pay the fees and his license was revoked. You can find that information on the website Secretary State of Nevada. Look up his name. His mothers name is Ruth Appleson, and she was the treasurer. The revoking all happened in 2002, at the same time as he was served by a lawsuit by Anabolic/Diabolic. Appleson’s CPA had his license revoked due to the mess.

Phil Provenzano is a hothead. He looks like a Marx brother. Phil works in the same building as Mitchell Weston, aka Mitchell Spinelli. (Mitch’s uncle is the famous actor Jack Weston, featured movies such as Dirty Dancing, Four Season.)

Phil got busted one night leaving Appleson’s building with an ‘eight ball’ in his pocket, he ended up doing time in a halfway house, worked with Mitch. Phil had a contact in Germany, he bought a bakers dozen masters for Appleson, took the thirteenth reel and released it under his own label. So Appleson made Provenzano money, without knowing it. Although he did find out, but kept cool about it. Then things got worse when Appleson bought scenes from Spinelli. Phil pissed and moaned about it and thought Appleson would go away. Phil and Spinelli was producing those hot 4 hrs that people loved buying, and once Appleson got his hands on the scenes he could make them himself and the fat money Phil was making went out the door. It eventually did, and that is how the bad blood between them began. Appleson found out how much he was overcharged, and then it all went south. (Pictured is Phil Provenzano, who rides with a 9 mm in his car.)

On this picture:

A) is the mark for Appleson’s business
C) is the mark for Chaim’s business. I do not know if he is still in that building.

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