Madison Ivy claims her balls emptying throne on enthralling scenes!

Everything is bigger in Texas! And true to that statement, this blue-eyed German beauty was raised there before she moved to California. She’s got fake boobies big enough; you would think that they would surely capsize her petite frame.
Before she joined the industry, she worked as an exotic dancer, where she met the Angel in her porn career, Aurora Snow. Using the connections she got, she soared high performing for top production studios like Digital Playground, Evil Angel, etc.

It is not just her blue eyes, titties, big round booty, and a body worth dying for that have gotten her this far. It is also the simple fact that she’s sensual and exciting not only to admire but get off to. Apparently, she was Brazzers’ first contract girl after agreeing to try out anal porn eventually with Mick Blue even after having given in a cold shoulder for quite some time. This award-winning exotic slut is among the 10 most searched for pornstars on theporndude. And if you are lucky, you might be cross paths with her in some adult chat sites. However, in the meantime, you can enjoy our own servings of her exquisite delights.

1. Madison Ivy sucks cock in the changing room (PornHub)

As crazy as luring, sucking, and fucking some random stranger is, Ivy Madison pulls this off pretty nicely. She is horny ASF in some changing room dressed in her short tight skirt, perhaps waiting on any cock. But when one fails to turn up, she calls after a passing big-dicked dude, pulls him over, kisses him, blushes his face with her perky titties and gets him pumping through her tight pussy. Can you believe this nympho? Well, maybe you only need to see her in action.

2. Milf pornstar Madison Ivy anal fucked with a massage (XNXX)

Up for some quick fap shit? This is just it! Madison Ivy, in a sexy see-through robe, turns up for massage in the most spectacular massage room I’ve ever seen. It has a magnificent view of a green park. Mick, a masculine hunk, is her masseuse, and there is no doubt that he’s got magic hands. You can basically feel pleasure from just watching him oil up this perfectly shaped body. This is mainly how he sensually caresses her tits, eventually dropping down to massage her pussy lips and clit. I bet this move earns him her pussy. She’s helplessly horny and too wet to resist the strokes of his huge hard rock dick. Oh! What a scenic fuck!

3. Madison and Adriana (XVidos)

You would be forgiven to think that for pornstars, it only takes some pussies or dicks to be able to perform some awesome scene. But these bitches right here, Madison Ivy and Adriana Chechik prove otherwise with so much chemistry between them. Not to mention that they literally adore each other’s bodies. This makes them the craziest duo to ever be in a goddamned threesome together. They literally, suck, fuck, rub each other’s clits and get their pussies eaten and fucked so hard in the most delightful way possible!

4. Tanned milf devours cock on sunny sunday (PornHub)

Truth is everyone has got their own strange cravings, and Madison Ivy’s mainly seems to be getting boned. For instance, this Sunday afternoon, she is fucking bored, and she figures that she could use some cock. And it so happens that the only one within her reach is the pool boy’s and so like the badass slut she is, she claims it for herself. At first, though, she makes him kiss her in the lips passionately and eat her pussy and asshole pretty good. Afterward, she kneels down to give him a deep blowjob and ends up getting fucked pretty hard just as she presumably wished for.

5. Madison Ivy gives her customer a passionate, sensual massage (xHamster)

Well, when they say that there is magic in the art of Kamasutra, this is what they mean. A terrific sensual massage that will leave your balls empty. And it seems quite like Madison Ivy is an expert in touch and feels. For this particular clientele of hers, she oils her sexy body. This is so that it’s glistening all over before sliding against him and awakening the last of his horny demons. No worry thou because she has her pussy thoroughly rimmed in return.

6. Special Service (XVideos)

Money is the one necessary evil in our lives that no man can literally run from its hooks. It’s literally got a married dude like this plumber dude licking up his client, Madison Ivy’s feet and pussy. I can bet you to the fact that this is the most delightful way for any man to ever make some extra bucks. This is putting into consideration the fact that she’s terribly hot and pleasant to fuck. No wonder he gets to it furiously enough that he almost rips her open.

7. Hot busty nurse Madison Ivy paid for rough-sex by hospital doctor (PornHub)

It seems like doctors are just as sex-starved as their patients in this goddamned hospital. And unfortunately for this nasty old patient, his only desire was to be attended to by some hot nurse. He hires some escort bitch dressed as a sexy nurse i.e., Madison Ivy. However, his doctor comes into spoil the fun threatening to throw her out. But I guess her charm gets to him because he ends up paying her to get his balls emptied. This hardcore action takes place in some hospital bed, and the doctor ends up creaming her coochie.

8. Madison Ivy, the cum thief! (XVideos)

It’s no secret that every man loves a good teasy bitch, and it’s even better when just like Madison Ivy, she can spit some dirty venom. I’m talking about a sexy slut with huge titties who will not only charm you with her blue eyes or just by giving you a filthy blowjob and a freaking hot handjob. But one who will take pleasure in milking down your cock onto her titties only to lick the cum from them like the thirsty whore she is.

9. Madison Ivy (PornTrex)

Well, everyone loves the thought of relaxing in a massage room as some hunk of a masseuse exercises his hand muscles through their body, right? I know Madison would undoubtedly agree with this after being so tense and patient for hers, but you know what? There is nothing as good as a relaxing massage with a happy ending. This is probably why she literally doesn’t flinch when he starts stroking her tight booty sliding slowly down her pussy crack. This is before finally massaging her titties and flipping her clit to work her up for some hardcore pussy rimming in a series of positions that leave her pussy messy.

10. French maid fucked while she works (PornHub)

Madison Ivy might have such a killer body. Still, any of her real passionate fanatics will tell you that that’s far from why this woman is special. And once you discover her teasy allure is everything a woman should be, I bet you’ll never miss out from her action. Take, for example, in this scene where her man is playing some piano while she, on the other end, has other ideas for him. In fact, she’s dressing up in some sexy costumes and lingerie just to come and flirt with his ass and get some of what she sure gets even more of.

11. Madison Ivy stunning slut at work (XVideos)

Sluts ain’t got no label; in fact, they are just typical babes at work, at the bus stop, coffee place, etc. Madison just happens to be one of those ideal office sluts who pose in the middle of the day to take and send their men a sneak pic of their titties and fresh-looking yummy pussy. But I guess today is not Madison’s lucky day because she ultimately ends up getting caught. However, her smart ass comes up with an idea to help her keep her job. It involves sucking cock, letting her juicy titties get stroked, and pussy ate and banged hard against her office desk.

12. Newlywed big boobs couple both hole creampie (PornHub)

Being newly wedded to Madison Ivy seems like it would be lit and why you ask? This is because, besides her caring enough to spread some table cloth to put out plates for whatever meal, she makes sure to put on some sexy dress. This is so that her titties are popping out and is basically down to any sort of mischief your dirty little mind must be pushing you to. Probably why in a snap of a finger, they are all curled up together. Meanwhile, her husband pummels hard into her tight holes, only to eventually cream up his favorite, her asshole.

13. Madison Ivy & Rebeca Linares start a threesome (xHanster)

Wow! What a vivid scene we have here with Madison Ivy, an absolutely sexy bitch. It features some sex clone teacher. Apparently, she’s training Rebecca for the government. When a representative comes to check on her progress, both of them are in for a test ride. This means that they ultimately have to worship his mighty cock, suck the hell out of it together with the balls, and spread their legs wide to be drilled pretty hard into as they tease each other. The good thing is that after the sizzling hot threesome that ends in a facial creampie, he attests that hot clone Rebecca is ready to serve.

14. Madison Ivy enjoys some cock with her massage (XNXX)

I’m into gutted bitches who not only know what the fuck they want but are also willing to go right for it without even caring to think twice about it. And Madison Ivy is precisely that way. So when the masseuse starts poking her horny points, she goes right to grabbing his huge cock from his sweat pants to send a simple message that she wants it too. Whorish, huh? Well, at least, in the end, her pussy as nicely serviced as her relaxed massage body!

15. Madison Ivy takes two dicks (PornTrex)

Are you curious about Ivy’s life and interests besides her sexual prowess? Join her in this scene as she tells it all before getting to my favorite bit. It is where she teases the hell out of literally everyone or anything. In fact, if you ain’t careful, you might mess yourself even before you get to the bit where she has two cocks all for herself; to suck, play with, and spread out her holes for some roughening up to. The best thing thou is that she can actually handle having two cocks stuffing up her holes pretty well. Let alone getting some funnel to guide two heavy loads deep into her pussy, a pretty exciting attempt.


Well, I guess we are all on the same page now on Madison Ivy being the ultimate temptress who’s main prowess is to empty all the goddamned balls. Also, remember to search her up on adult chat sites, who knows, you might end up being the lucky one!

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