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Madria Interview on Rubber

Interview with Madria by JEM


Spring is here and New York Rubber Ball will be starting in just a couple of weeks, bringing together rubber fetishists from around the world and they will be crowning Miss Rubber World 2013 on April 6th. Along with the title comes not only prestige and fetish fame, but also thousands of dollars worth of slick latex clothing and kinky accessories. Even the AVN and Xbiz awards don’t come with that kind of pervy perk. We recently had a chance to interview Madria, who not only is a fetish model, but also creates rubber wear through Madria Latex.

LIB: Hi Madria! Will this be your first time involved with New York Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World? What got you interested in the competition?

Madria: Yes, it will be my first time involved! I first wanted to participate 4 years ago but I was only 19 and the competition is 21 and over. So I’m glad to finally get the opportunity. I’m travelling all the way from Montreal to show that I have what it takes to be Miss Rubber World 2013.

LIB: How did you get started in fetish modeling? What drew you to rubber and latex? How did
you get interested in latex design?

Madria: I was always attracted by the camera. I’m a very shy person so it’s a way for me to get into a character and express myself. I fell in love with Latex from the very first time I saw pictures of it on the internet. Then I began to fill my wardrobe with all the garments I could buy but I never thought I would end up making my own latex. I slowly learned how to make latex clothes and discovered a new passion.

LIB: Who’s your favorite photographer and what’s the wildest adventure you’ve had in front of
the camera?

Madria: I can’t pick only one, after years of Modeling I’ve had many amazing collaborations
and each photo shoot is an adventure! I really love shooting when I travel, I’ve only had good
experiences with photographers from other cities and countries as I was traveling and that’s how
I’ve done some of my best photos.

LIB: What is your favorite magazine layout you’ve posed for?

Madria: I’m always happy to be featured in magazines or books such as fIXE Magazine, PHOTO
Magazine, The Cat’s Meow magazine, Goliath’s Fetish Fashion book etc. but my biggest wish is
to be on the cover of a magazine or book.

LIB: As a designer, do you feel this gives you an advantage in the competition?

Madria: I believe it does, I am very proud of the fact that I made my own outfits for the event and I hope the judges will see it as I did double the work to be in that competition!

Madria: I haven’t had the chance to work with other designers yet aside of modeling.

LIB: We have heard a lot about models’ relationships with hoods, vacbeds, and gloves. What is your favorite rubber item, and how does it make you feel?

Madria: Gloves! They are fun and sexy to play with!

LIB: What models do you like working with the most?

Madria: I really enjoyed shooting with Mosh because she was so gorgeous and our shoot was very intimate. I also love the contrast of my darker hair with blond models. But I always enjoy shooting with other models, it creates a very different dynamic and women are so beautiful!

LIB: Have you worked with any of the Miss Rubber World contestants in the past? Is there a performer or model you’re looking forward to meeting at the event?

Madria: No I don’t know any of this year’s contestants but I’m looking forward to meeting them. I’m also looking forward to see again the sweet Jade Vixen.

LIB: What’s the wildest rubber adventure you’ve had off camera?

Madria: One of my wildest rubber adventures was to shoot with one of the original Fetish Queens, Kumi Monster and my photographer friend, Micheal Andrews. We had a lot of fun with latex hoods, corsets, catsuits and more!

LIB: Who in fetish inspires you the most, and why? Not just a mentor, but someone you see out
there and go, “wow!”

Madria: So many women inspire me! On top of my list… Dita Von Teese for many reasons, followed by Morgana. Morgana was the first fetish model that made me want to start modeling
and wear latex.

LIB: What is the rubber fantasy you’re dying to try out, but haven’t had the opportunity to do

Madria: For my performance at the Ball it will be my first time multi-layering latex so that’s certainly a rubber fantasy I’m looking forward to! I’m also fantasizing about a mansion where gorgeous people are all dressed up in the hottest latex outfits and we are having a glamorous party with fancy foods and drinks that we are feeding each other with our latex gloves…

LIB: As a designer, what would you recommend someone curious about latex buy first?

Madria: I recommend starting with a smaller and easier piece such as a skirt or mini dress! If you don’t know much about latex and get a catsuit as your first piece you might find it inconvenient and get discouraged from latex.

LIB: Do you have anything in the media or events coming up before Miss Rubber World we
should look out for?

Madria: Before the Ball I can be seen at the Grand Burlesque Show, March 21 through the 23rd here in Montreal and I’ll have tons of other performances in the summer!

For more of Madria, go to Madria’s slippery and sexy latex designs can be found at If you’d like to tickets to Miss Rubber World 2013, to see details and photos, or have what it takes to compete, check out

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