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Mafia Update

Kenny Gallo writes:

The days of running Casino’s and influencing whole industries are in the past. They still have have a toe hold in Gambling. Not as much as before. Today top Online Bookmakers are billionaires. Soon this may all change. Today the Attorney General stepped down. The Feds had been going after a lot of the service companies that enabled the Online Sportsboooks to pay and receive funds. They hit a few online Sportsbooks. I am sure they will really start hitting the Online bookies. We shall see.

If the Feds hit them hard enough, this may help the LCN in the short term. It will bring back the neighborhood bookie.

The Bonanno is a mess. It has been a mess for a long time. They were kicked off the Commission for their drug dealing. The were humiliated by Donnie Brasco. Then a boss came along and changed all that for awhile. Big Joey Massino. He closed the Social Clubs and made the Family strong. He even changed the name of the family. He did last longer than his former pal John Gotti. Joey then wore a wire. Today the Family is in trouble.

I get questions about the Los Angeles Family all the time. It is a mess. It has been a mess for many years. It was never a really big or strong family. It lacked recruits and the landscape of Southern California is spread out. This makes running rackets tough.

The family today has less than a dozen soldiers. Sad.

One guy who is out in Los Angeles is Fat Ronnie Lorenzo. This guy is active. he makes trips back to NY all the time. He has his fingers in some pie’s. He has guys in Las Vegas. He will soon have a new resturant open. He has done some time. So did his former boss Big Joey. There is his guy Vinnie in Las Vegas. The guy’s father is Johnny Greens in Brooklyn. How long will Ronnie last? Does it matter? Ronnie can always take the route of his former boss.. Flip.

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