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Main ‘Attractions’ – BELLA TINA & LINDA LECLAIR Step Into the DORCEL Spotlight


Dorcel, the major international player in pleasure for all, is pleased to announce the domestic DVD release of Alis Locanta’s erotic cinéma vérité feature Attractions. Starring Tina Bella and shot on location in Spain, this all-new production is now available on DVD in the United States exclusively from Pulse Distribution.

Locanta presents Bella Tina and John Stwo as partners in love and in business. As content creators, their latest documentary finds them interviewing celebrities from radically different backgrounds. As filming commences, Bella’s focus becomes increasingly about love and sex, and her questions get more personal.

The interviews include liaisons with a winsome and beguiling pop chanteuse (Polish beauty Jayla De Angelis), a megalomaniac film icon more concerned with showing off his awards and bedding the interviewer than baring his soul (Ricky Rascal), an award-winning long-distance runner (clean-shaven Kenyan stunner Zaawaadi), and a charismatic heiress played by Linda Leclair, who seduces Bella in the movie’s girl/girl centerpiece.

Locanta’s briskly-paced film culminates with a Valentine’s Day hook that was incorporated to coincide with the movie’s February 2023 release online, where it immediately earned five star Editor’s Choice reviews from e-commerce sites like Gamelink.

“True to its documentary theme, the sex in Attractions is unpretentious in set-up and beautiful in execution,” said Daniel Metcalf, Dorcel’s U.S. Publicist. “Alis Locanta’s upbeat and positive style make this a perfect addition to the canon of films from female directors we featured in the 2023 edition of Dorcel’s Porn By Women Film Festival. The sex is casual and touching, the Spanish location photography is remarkably pretty, and the interviews are funny and naturally spirited – by attitude, not design.”

The major European innovator in sexual pleasure through VOD services, concept stores, virtual reality, and podcasts, Dorcel is at the forefront of technology in the service of pleasure.

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