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Mainstream Actor Blair Underwood Spokesman for AHF?

NL- He says he’s been their spokesman for three years.  I’ve never heard about him being involved in AHF before. I got this email today-

Dear Fellow AHF Supporters,

AIDS Healthcare Foundation shares my passion for helping people living with HIV and AIDS. Despite these tough economic times, AHF has not wavered in its commitment to provide cutting-edge medicine and advocacy regardless of a person’s ability to pay.

That is why I have been a spokesperson for them for the last 3 years.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been casting votes for AHF to win $200,000 in the American Express/ Members Project these last few months. You can help in these final few weeks of the competition by telling your friends and family members about AHF and encouraging them to vote as well.

If you have not yet participated, I hope you will join me by registering and voting today—and continuing to vote weekly until the competition ends on February 20th.

Voting for AHF to secure these needed funds is a small, but essential way that you can join in the fights against HIV and AIDS.

Together, we can continue to save and improve lives, offering hope to people in need.

AHF and I deeply appreciate your commitment and support.

Thank you,

Blair Underwood
Actor and Activist

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