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Male Pornstar Sledge Hammer Dies

Fucking outrage.

On Friday, we lost Porn’s champion, Marland Anderson or otherwise known as Sledge Hammer.

The worldwide median dick size just dropped by 2 inches

Known to the porn public and bowl-legged women everywhere as “Sledge Hammer”, Anderson died on Sunday after being shot with tasers by presumably frightened cops. (Think angry villagers mob armed with torches and pitchforks racing up to Castle Frankenstein.)

Last Friday, police units responded to Sledge’s Reseda residence when his girlfriend, Alexa Cruz called in to report his suicide attempt. Paramedics and officers escorted the 6’4 porn performer into an ambulance for transportation. Troubled by the enclosed space of the ambulance, Sledge grew visibly agitated and broke free from the gurney along with snapping off his handcuffs. If that wasn’t boss enough, the poor guy who was definitely in the full swings of an anxiety attack was then shot multiple times by police tasers to the point where the relentless 50,000 volts triggered Sledge’s heart attack.

Eventually, after EMT’s got his heartbeat back, the “public servants” restrained Sledge and took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead Friday morning. Rumors state severe brain swelling due to lack of oxygen is the reason Sledge is no longer with us.

The cops killed him. I’m not afraid to say it. To the beach police, Sledge probably appeared like goddamn Gulliver and instead of intelligently assessing the situation, they felt intimidated and let their tasers do the talking.

Prominent film director, Bobby Manila had this to say:

“He’s a giant teddy bear. A real nice guy. He was a real great guy to work with.”

There are already conflicting stories about the true nature of what happened to Sledge, with close friend and business associate, Stoney Curtis believing that the LAPD used unnecessary and excessive tasering, which eventually lead to his death. Sledge loved comics books and heavy metal music. He has no police record. He was 39 years old.

Take a look at Sledge Hammer’s greatest hits… =[

Our video editor uploaded this behind the scenes clip of Sledge being himself and enjoying life.

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