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Mallcom behind PWL?

NL-This just came in anon. Believe it or not, up to you.

Mallcom, would love to hear from you about this.


Proof Malcom is behind

If PWL had signed up for a affiliate account then they wouldn’t have been able to have a custom Iframe from the tools available to affiliates.
Malcom profiting big time and is funding PWL, that’s fact.

Click “view” then “page source” on any models wiki page and you will see the iframe code

<iframe src=”” width=”500″ height=”20″ marginwidth=”0″ ma! rginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>
That Iframe is on Malcom servers /plugins/pwl/store.html and was made and put there by them. I bet Malcom is doing server work for them as well and maybe even part owners of PWL.


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