Man kills woman accidentally during sadomasochistic sex, jailed

As more people become expressive and more than a little adventurous with their sexual tastes, there is always a chance that an injury might occur if the boundaries are pushed a little bit too far. A 24-year-old man learned this the hard way after he was sentenced to 6 years in prison for accidentally killing his sex partner as the two engaged in extreme sadomasochistic sex. In what the presiding judge described as a ‘highly unusual’ case, Jason Gaskell apparently stabbed Laura Huteson, 21, through the neck during the BDSM sexual fantasy gone wrong. The knife severed a jugular vein leading to her death.

Consensual sex

The February 27 incident occurred in the Gaskell’s Hull house. Interestingly, the two had only just met the same evening she met her death in the high-risk sexual act. They went to the defendant’s house where other people were drinking vodka and sniffing cocaine. They are reported to have had some kinky sex in which Gaskell put his hands around Miss Huteson’s neck eventually stopping after she used a safe word they had agreed on.

The two were later the same night seen playing in the snow before having sex again. This time around, Gaskell put a knife on her neck but realized something was wrong when she gave ‘a jerking motion.’ He called the paramedics who reportedly found him in a high panic mood but also rude and confrontational.

When reading the sentence, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC sitting in a Sheffield Crown Court told a sobbing Gaskell: “In simple terms, you unlawfully killed the woman with whom you were having sexual intercourse by stabbing her through the neck during bizarre and violent sadomasochistic sexual activity.”

The judge continued that while there was no intention to kill, Gaskell had deliberately placed the knife on the deceased’s throat. The knife went through her neck severing a vital artery and vein injury.

The judge ruled out the possibility of nonconsensual sex; he noted that the accused had always harbored extreme sexual desires: holding the throats of his sexual partners and using a knife as part of the sexual fantasy. Apparently, he had a knife under his pillow for that sole purpose.

The judge said: “You regularly would place your hands around the throats of sexual partners and this would be exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs.

You indulged in what can only be described as extremely dangerous sadomasochistic sexual acts where, given the use of the knife as a means of simulated threats, there was an acute risk of serious violence and death being visited upon your sexual partner.” The judge also noted that “The fact the partner consented to this form of sexual activity is limited mitigation.


The judge also noted that although the victim had become estranged to her family, she was still a much-loved daughter and that it was also a ‘sad feature of this case’ that she had become involved with him, to begin with. The victim, who had a young son, was described as loving and caring by Chief Inspector of Humberside Police, Mike Goulding, who also wished the conclusion of the case would enable Laura’s family to move ahead and remember her as the loving and caring woman she was. Following the death of her daughter, Huteson’s mother was unable to sleep and eat as said in a statement: “She did not deserve to die. He [Gaskell] has destroyed us all.

While the judge agreed that this was supposed to be roleplay, then it was an exceptionally dangerous form with “acute risks of death and serious injuries as part of it.

He also noted: “It has been described inelegantly as ‘rough sex’ and ‘adventurous.’ It was also established that the two were heavily intoxicated and high on drugs during the night of the fatal incident.”

Gaskell had initially lied to the police that Miss Huteson had fallen on the knife or rolled over it but even after he told them the truth, the judge said the fact that there were no witnesses to corroborate his statement meant the court would never know the real truth.

On his part, Gaskell wrote to the judge, saying:  “I know words can’t bring Laura back, but I offer the deepest apology and hold myself accountable for the events that resulted in these horrific circumstances.

Judge Richardson told him: “I do not doubt you are filled with remorse.”


By now you must have heard about 50 Shades of Grey. It has sort of made kinks mainstream. But don’t get it twisted, BDSM has existed as long as the human race. The truth is that many people like mixing a little violence with sexuality and it has been an underground kink, right under your nose for all this time.

Before the internet, people who enjoyed this kind of sex must have had a lonely time. But now people are more honest with each other when it comes to sexual orientations.  Many have realized that there are different fantasies and fetishes with many willing to push the limits and move out of their sexual comfort zones.


The Porn Dude has only one thing to add; whatever your sexual fantasies might be, just don’t kill your partner. There will be repercussions.

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