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Man spends $500k at MyFreeCams!

Man spends almost $500,000 on online strippers.

John David Berret, a tech service manager, has allegedly racked up a bill of almost half a million dollars on a business card, on online strippers.
John David Berret
40-year-old Berret has been indicted, as of last week, on 5 counts of fraud by a federal grand jury, Missouri.
The man, who has worked as a national solutions architect, ran up the massive bill in just a year, most of the bills where for expenses, gifts and services for the online strippers, a 8-page indictment reads.
The man filed fraudulent expenses to fund his sexscapades, the prosecutors claim.
The cooperate card was charged for $100,000 worth of tokes – about 2,200 visits to the site – to chat with the stripping women, watch them strip and masturbate through webcam, on website
He then bought them varying gifts, from chocolates, electronics, flowers, shoes, wine, a TV, computers, and an iPod.
He also sent $26,800 to one of his online-babes for her college tuition bill, bew tires and even her parents utilities.
But it doesn’t stop there, he had himself bought a fleshlight sex toy, which costs roughly $131
He has now been fired.

Source: Whizba

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