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Man, this took way too long

In what has been called a move that could change the landscape of Internet radio, KSEX Radio/TV has made some big changes. The first was to announce that new management will be taking over, merging Heat Party Radio with KSEX, the expansion of future television and PPV projects, and a new movement within the sleeping radio station.
The second big move was the release of long time Program Director/ part owner Wayne “Wankus” Lewis.
“Today is a new begining for KSEX Radio and we are going to be revamping this station to make a product that is top notch.”  new Program Manager Joe Brandi said.
Source close to the parties said that the lack of promotion, low audience numbers, and conflicting business ventures led to the parting of ways. In the meantime, Lorraniac has been named new acting program director over at KSEX Radio.
“We are going to be moving into a new studio and setting up shop as a 24 hour news and talk radio station for the adult industry.” Brandi explained. “This company has potential and its only a matter of time before things change for the better.”
All the DJ’s are expected to stay on board as new Pay Per View projects, TV shows and radio programs will be added. It is expected that Heat Party Radio will be joining KSEX as an audio extension of the group.
Wankus was unavailable for comment at this time.

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