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Mandatory Condoms, Yes? or No?

Once and for all should condoms be mandatory on all porn sets?

Straight and gay?

If condoms were mandatory for ALL companies in the US would it hurt/kill sales?

If condoms were mandatory would AIM testing still be necessary?

Would condoms make sex safer on sets?

What about oral sex?

Quotes from around the the web on this issue- ( please send more!)

Bobby Starr from Richard Abowitz on theDailyBeast “I am frustrated, to be honest,” Starr says. “I want to know who is on that list. And AIM won’t tell us, because AIM is only looking out for themselves, despite what they say about being there for the talent.”

Performer Courtney Cummz echoes Starr. “AIM should let us know who is impacted, because we could have shot content with them and they forgot to add to the list,” she says. “Or they could be one of my friends’ booty calls. You just don’t know.”

Jenna Jameson says on radaronline “It was like a ticking time bomb before something like this happy…”It’s incredibly sad for people in the industry and especially for the girls and the families because it’s going to have a ripple effect. “It’s devastating because they’re going to have to track this back through everybody this person has worked with.”There’s going to have to be a union put in place and having safe sex is mandatory,” she said. “That’s something that I was working toward.”

Lisa Ann says in the Boston Herald that she will refuse pressure from production companines who demand unprotected sex on camera and she’s going condom-only.

 From the LA Times “Consumers generally don’t want to see condoms. That puts them one notch removed from the moment,” said porn star Jeremy Steele. “That’s part of the fantasy. That’s part of the allure of porn and we should have the right to choose. I compare it to stunt work. You choose to take that risk.”

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