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Manwin Acquires Digital Playground

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Manwin Acquires Digital Playground
By Rhett Pardon
Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012   
LUXEMBOURG — Manwin has signed a deal to acquire Digital Playground’s assets.
With the deal, Digital Playground founder and director Ali Joone, CEO, and President Samantha Lewis will continue to oversee the Canoga Park, Calif., studio.
Other terms of the deal, including acquisition price, were not disclosed at post time.
“To me this deal is no different than the acquisition of Pixar by Disney,” Joone said, “The consumer is going to see more blockbusters, big-budget productions, and it’s our goal to create the next genre of adult entertainment. This acquisition is a marriage between two industry leaders. Adult entertainment is changing and Manwin has a lead on technology.”
Lewis said that there are “no plans” to change the studio’s signature formula.
 “The Digital Playground vision of its contract stars will remain unaffected, with Manwin only supporting them to reach beyond what they think is possible,” she said. “They understand what makes these women unique, and plan to support them in their own endeavors, while remaining Digital Playground exclusive contract stars.”
Fabian Thylmann, Manwin’s managing partner, said that “Manwin’s vision for growth has always been about diversification and building a portfolio that includes the strongest brands in the adult entertainment industry.”
“Digital Playground is a company and brand that has proven to be just that. It is unrivaled and has been ahead of the game since its inception. We look forward to building on the brand with the same passion and dedication that has brought it to its current height.”
Ackrell Capital LLC acted as the financial advisor to Digital Playground in the transaction.

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