ManyVids Review & Analysis (2019)

Manyvids is one of the biggest adult marketplace on the internet right now.

If you are a camgirl, adult porn producer, or anyone who is in adult industry making money, then you need to be on manyvids.​

Apart from newbie models and camgirls, you will find established pornstars, playboy models, amateur models and so many more people on manyvids.

manyvids review

Manyvids – Sell Homemade porn and other adult services

There are so many ways to make money on manyvids.  The best part about manyvids is the passive nature of the income. Camming where you have to perform live in order to make money, on adult marketplace like manyvids all you have to do is upload your content and you make money even when you sleep.

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  • Sell adult pictures, Sanpchat access, Lingerie, panties and so much more: In the store section you can list all the things that you can sell. The range can be signed pictures, kik , sex toys and so much more
  • Sell adult videos: ManyVids as the name suggests focuses more on video sales. Check their TOS for the kind of videos you can make and sell. When you upload your videos, the customers can buy them and you keep 60% of the revenue
  • Get paid to sext and Phone sex operator: You can sell sexting and phone sex minuted on manyvids as well
  • Get custom request for content
  • Sell Adult Skype show: Skype shows are amazing and you can make some easy cash through it. Just mention your per minute rate and the kind of skype shows you do. Rest all is handled by Manyvids
  • So many more ways to make money on Manyvids, you can offer so many adult services
  • Affiliate marketing and refer customers to make money: When you promote your store online, instead of direct linking use the affiliate link and you can make more money from each referred customer. Also if you refer another model on this platform, you will make $25 for each model who uploads atleast 2 videos on Manyvids
  • Win Contests: Manyvids is known for coming out with lots of contests. So you can participate and win big amounts.
  • Membership: you can also sell membership of 3 months, 6 months and also 12 months.

ManyVids – How to Register on Manyvids

Registration is simple and straightforward

All you need to do is upload a proof of age (i.e your ID) and your profile will get approved (you will receive an email)

After your manyvids profile is approved, all you have to do is start creating your content (pics, videos etc) and upload on manyvids.​

Join Manyvids Right now

How much money can i make on Manyvids?

Just like most of the adult networks the profit rate on Manyvids is 60%.

So if in total you make $100 in a month, then you will get $60 and $40 will be manyvids commission.

Manyvids give lots of freedom in terms of price you set for your content. You decide the price and the more stuff you sell the more money you make.

If you are an established model on Manyvids then you can easily make $6,000-$10,000/month just from Manyvids alone (remember an adult model has multiple source of income)

When can i withdraw money: 1st and 16th of each month​

How can i withdraw money: Payoneer, Wire transfer($15 fees, $250 minimum), Check (0 fees, $100 minimum), Direct Deposit ​(0 fees, $150 minimum)

manyvids contests

ManyVids Contest

Manyvids runs monthly contest for both Manyvids Girls and Manyvids studios, where the top 100 MV girls and MV studios are listed, and the top 20 in each category wins and make money on the side for winning these contests


Money Won (MV girl) ($)

Money Won (MV studio) ($)











































What kind of people can sign up on Manyvids

Manyvids has all kinds of profiles:

  • Females
  • Males
  • Couples
  • TransGenders

Manyvids Alternatives – Sites like Manyvids

Although Manyvids is one of the biggest adult marketplace on the internet, but you have many other options as well.

  • Youkandy: After manyvids if there is one network that i will highly recommend is Youkandy. Why, because the website is slowly and steadily growing in popularity. The quality of customers is great, the camming section giving 100% profits, less competition and very large money making potential for new girls.
  • Spicyfind: Another emerging player in selling clips space with high quality paying customers. You must sell you adult clips on atleast youkandy, manyvids and spicyfind as these are the best networks.
  • ExtraLunchMoney: another great site and one of the popular adult marketplace. Although i wont recommend you this network because the rates set by other models are too cheap that it will be extremely difficult for you to make money. So stick with youkandy and Manyids
  • ModelCentro: Modelcentro is a must for every model.Why , because having your own fanclub and membership site is what every adult model should have. Trust me this is one step that you should definitely take.

Manyvids Tips to become one of the top 50 model in just few days

I have helped so many models on Manyvids that i can rather put out a complete course on how to become successful on Manyvids. 

In order to help all the new girls who are reading this article, i will make sure i give you all my tips, tricks and secrets on how to become popular on make insane sales on manyvids.​

Here are the things that you should be focusing on Manyvids to make more money:

  • Focus on producing videos and that too high quality professional looking videos: Quality of your video, script and the preview will make a big impact on the total sale of your videos. so make sure you spend some time on that 9 second preview and bring out the best and most teasing parts for more sales
  • Market your manyvids store from all your other profiles. Marketing is the key: I have stresses this point multiple times that customers wont come to you, you have to drive the customers to your store. So market the hell out of your content. Snapchat takeovers, social media, forums, instagram, interlinking all profiles, and so much more you can do to drive paying customers to you.
  • Regularly producing content. Manyvids customers love girls who are producing content on a regular basis: Just like any other skill, you need to be consistent with your content.The more active you are the more content you will sell and hence the more money you make
  • Try different genres and fetish and see which one is working for you. Dont just stick to one type of videos , rather explore as much as possible: 
  • Network and collaborate with other manyvids girls and help each other.: Make sure you make friends on manyvids. Retweet their tweets, follow them, help them promote to your audience and when they see this they will reciprocate and you will be shown to an entirely new paying customers.

Getting into trending videos section on Manyvids

The more exposure your profile and videos get the more money you will make. Getting into the trending videos section is one way to come in front of new customers.

Trending videos is based more on the amount of money a video makes, contrary to popular belief that it depends on the number of video sales.

  • Build the excitement: Instead of directly releasing the video and then waiting for sales, give your customers a teaser, build the excitement so that when you release you can easily make a lot of money
  • Apart from following the tips mentioned above you must also promote a different and more exciting preview to your premium snapchat/kik members. Since they are more likely to buy your content.

Increasing the Manyvids or MV score

MV score is very straightforward. The more you sell, interact, and promote your content on manyvids the better score you will get. 

Increase MV score comes with its advantages. You get more exposure, better rankings and hence much more clip sales.

Here is a list of factors that affect your MV score:​

  • Complete your profile: Fill all sections of your profile. It will increase your MV score while also getting more customers through search feature
  • Add Store Items: From your custom store you can make easymoney. All you have to do is offer various products on your store and make money in your sleep while also giving a good bump to your MV score
  • Offer all services: Not just selling videos, offer skype shows, phone sex and everything that you can sell. 
  • Link twitter: Simple and easy 
  • Gallery pictures: Add your pics in the gallery. Your customers will love it and you will get much more sales.
  • Get more fanclub members: The more customers and members are in your fanclub the higher will be your MV score

Manyvids has a MV score criteria for last 45 days on Manyvids and this score depends on :

  • Total number of sales in last 45 days – The more sales you have the higher MV score you will have
  • Total number of Reviews: The more reviews your customers leave the higher will be your MV score
  • Number of hearts: Ask your customers and fans to give you video hearts so that you can increase your MV score
  • Number of Videos you upload and  number of store items you have: The more the better

Hacking customer psychology for more many video sales

ManyVids Promo Codes – Coupons

I have found few manyvids promo codes that will come of help for you all you. some of them might not work when you are reading this, but i will try to update them on a regular basis.

  • Han9024 – 50% off subscription
  • Dat1053 – 15% off the videos
  • Han9618 – 25% off membership
  • geo5998 – 20% off membership
  • Dan4184– 10% off everything
  • The1687 – 20% off the 3, 6 and 12 month membership

Tips to make money with Manyvids

1. The first and foremost step is to make sure you have completed your profile on ManyVids. Your profile should be fun to read and it should have a witty description, pictures and the services, such as phone number, panties, videos and more, which you are offering.

2. You should offer variety to your fans and make them interested in your profile. This can be done by uploading a minimum of 10 videos on your profile. These videos can be anything to everything.

3. Use social media to bring fans to your profile. Invite your friends and grow your connections on ManyVids.

4. Link your twitter account on your ManyVids profile. This way you can bring your twitter followers on ManyVids. This is quite an advantage you get when you use ManyVids.

 5. You should also promote your ManyVids profile while you are online and you are camming with your fans.

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