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Marc Dorcel- Surveys the French

by Jon

Marc Dorcel started making porn films in France in 1979. He became the leader in Europe’s adult film industry. His films including the Pornochic series are distributed in America by Wicked Pictures. He’s won several AVN Awards. In 2009 he decided to retire and hand over the running of his business to his son.He marked this event by commissioning a unique survey on French porn viewing habits.It had some surprising findings about the growing number of female consumers.

In September 2009 IFOP published the first big survey on ‘French behaviours and habits regarding X movies’. It had been commissioned by Marc Dorcel, the largest producer of European porn, to mark the 30th anniversary of his company. IFOP interviewed 1,016 people aged over 18 about their usage and  consumption of porn. Surveys of this kind are rare and surveys of this size even rarer. The results were full of surprises.

Eight out of ten women said that they’d seen an X movie wholly or in some excerpts. A minority watch an X movie once a month (5%) Unlike men women prefer to watch porn with their partners. Porn is also seen as being useful within couples. It arouses desire and feeds fantasies. Some couples make love before or whilst watching
it ((36%) Some couples have tried to recreate scenes or positions seen in the movies (38%). More men than women prefer to be filmed whilst making home videos.

Couples still prefer to choose their porn in video clubs. The French are drawn to Pornochic with its aesthetic productions and more sophisticated storylines. Women are more interested in screenplays (55%) and men in the number of hardcore scenes and lingerie.

Most women aren’t interested in the size of a performer’s boobs (13%). They also aren’t interested in large dicks (18%). Sex acts aren’t an important criteria when choosing a movie-anal sex (14%), double penetration (19%), group scenes and oral sex (22%) The latter is what French men like to see most.

The most important result of the survey is that porn viewing isn’t reserved to frustrated males. The highest consumption either occasional or irregular is by people with healthy sex lives.

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