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Marc Wallace NEVER LEFT

There is big news breaking because Marc Wallace has been identified in BTS footage in a TT Boy film, as director, G. Berg. Since Marc’s real last name is Goldberg, it’s a pretty obvious pseudonym. The movie is Slutty White MILF Neighbors #2, produced by TT Boy, for Evasive Angels.

Thank you to Den & the others who broke this story. I am happy that Wallace has been publicly outed so that the porn community can decide for themselves whether or not they should work on any project associated with him. But Wallace has never left the adult industry. After his HIV storm blew over, he was back to work behind the scenes doing movie editing and other “office” work where he wouldn’t be easily found out.

That was common knowledge around the inside circle, and the attitude was pretty much “live and let live.”

But now that Wallace has become a “director”, how can anyone feel safe on his set? If he (allegedly) doctored his own test results, why should you believe any clean test you see on his set? Should Wallace be “allowed” to work in the industry that he (allegedly) knowingly contaminated with HIV?

That’s up to the people who decide to hire him, the people that agree to work with him and the fans that buy movies from the companies he is associated with. If you don’t want him in the industry, speak up with your mouth and your money.

If you aren’t familiar with the back story here, you should be. It was a watershed moment in the X biz, and Luke Ford’s biggest and bravest reporting.

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