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Mari Possa Ate a Spider

NL-I always liked Mari. She is sweet and friendly. I remember interviewing her years ago and she told me about Seymore “teaching” her how to do anal sex. That was before she told anyone that he was her boyfriend. I’ll see if I still have that interview somewhere.


Mari Possa writes-
I ate a spider?
Current mood:  sleepy
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I ate a spider last night? At least that is what I’ve convinced myself of.

I abruptly woke up last night and I felt like I had swallowed something.  My brain immediately said, spider…somewhere (the internet, I’m sure) I read that the average person eats 8 spiders a year. Is there a test you can take to find out if you ate a spider?

If this is so I guess I’ve got 7 more to go.

Hasta luego!

Un besoJ

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