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Maria Menendez Interview

I talk to her Wednesday afternoon before her Prime Time Uncensored show with Jenna Haze. Video

I’ve known Maria for years as a strictly behind-the-scenes girl who worked at such companies as Wanted List.

Luke: “When did you do your first scene?”

Maria: “I did one [solo] scene in the fall of last year for CD I then took a big break from the industry. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I got sober. I went on a sabbatical. I went to Paris and thought about my life. I came back and decided that this was something I did want to do.”

It used to be that porn stars did porn on a whim or out of desperation. Going to law school was something people took a sabbatical over and thought about. What’s happening to our world? Girls such as Maria make it sound like an Oprah moment when they decide to do porn.

I don’t understand how a smart girl with money in the bank could go to Paris to think about the direction of her life and while touring a bunch of art galleries decide, “Yeah! What a great Monet! Porn is for me.”

Maria: “It’s not fair that everybody else gets to get laid and I only get to watch.”

As we all know, working in pornographic films is the only way for attractive young women such as Maria to have sex.

Maria: “I’m a really busy person. I’m over-scheduled. I have to schedule in a social life. The idea of being able to schedule in a sex life is appealing.

“Two things are important to me — art and sex.”

Luke: “Why would you want to do the sex on camera?”

Maria: “I’m an exhibitionist. There’s so much great talent in this industry that I want to have sex with. I like ordering girls off the internet. It truly arouses me.”

“I’ve stayed behind the scenes for four years now because I didn’t have the balls to experience the things I wanted to experience. I got into the industry because I am a pervert and I really enjoy sex and I want to experience that.

“I made a vow to myself that if I became an Adult film star, I’d broke some stereotypes. So I’m getting into it sober and with health insurance.”

Maria says she’s been sober over 100 days.

Luke: “Did you twelve-step it?”

Maria: “I do Smart Recovery, which is science-based. They also have a program called “Moderation Management,” which I’ll probably take up at some point too.”

“It’s important to step into this surreal lifestyle with tools to deal with the many temptations that come your way.”

Luke: “Have you been desensitized by your years in the industry?”

Maria: “I’ve gotten more sensitive and intellectual. I’m more aware of the gravity of the choices that people in this industry take. We take risks with our health, our social life, our emotional selves.”

On the show, Maria says that instead of being out there dating, she stays home with her porn DVDs.

Maria was disappointed that Belladonna’s company wouldn’t pay a higher rate for her first girl-girl scene.

Jenna Haze says she got into porn at the same time as Krystal Steal. “We used to drive up from Orange County together.”

Maria calls Erik Everhard’s cock “the hate plough.”

Jenna says being famous is usually cool except for when she’s at the grocery store and a guy yells out, “You’re the anal girl! Can I get your autograph?”

Jenna: “Nyomi is a little whacky for me. But she had an amazing body when she got in. I don’t know what happened to it.”

Haze says she suffered three tears in her anus when somebody  “moved wrong” during a scene early this year. She couldn’t do anal for six months.

Maria and Jenna have seen each other when they were heavily intoxicated. “Thanks Wanted List,” says Maria.

Jenna says she can’t watch porn and jerk off anymore because she knows everybody.

Maria: “I didn’t like working with Adam [Grayson on Playboy radio] because he was mean.”

Luke: “How?”

Maria: “He kept up a running joke that I was turning tricks in Las Vegas for $245. Ongoing. On the air. He wouldn’t stop. I was pissed.”

Luke: “That’s terrible.”

Maria: “You can call me a whore. Just don’t call me a cheap whore.”

Luke: “That’s terrible. It was like $425, right?”

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