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Mariah Does Anal & Signs With LA Direct…

Mariah Milano Does First Anal for Jules Jordan

Mariah Milano has just completed her first anal scene for Jules Jordan. This is the very first and only anal scene to be shot. Mariah and she says Jules is the only person she wanted to shoot it for. “I had shot a couple of anal scenes back in the late 90’s when I was 18 years old but they weren’t REAL anal scenes. The longest one was probably 2 minutes and that was with Randy West in Up n Cummers 65. I tried it a few other times but without much success so I wanted a true anal scene with a professional and the best choice in my opinion was Jules Jordan.” Mariah says. “He puts out the best quality porn and it’s obvious by his sales and  reputation that I’m not the only one who thinks this way! They don’t call him the King of Porn for nothing right?”

The scene was shot in South Beach which is fitting for Mariah since she is now a resident of Florida and she likes the feel of Florida scenes. “We were going to shoot some of the scene outside but the weather wasn’t too good so we just shot it in his hotel room which was amazing. Jules likes natural light so I think this is going to turn out to be a great scene and make a lot of people happy.”

Mariah says she was so nervous about doing the scene with someone who is so used to shooting anal scenes with girls who specialize in it. “I am definitely NOT a professional when it comes to anal sex, on or off camera so I was very nervous that I would do a good scene and that Jules would be happy. It’s all I thought about for two weeks before we shot it!” She laughs her infectious giggle and says “but my big booty took it good and Jules knows what’s up! I practiced with a butt plug a few times but decided that I just wanted him to do it without all the stuff other girls do like sleeping with butt plugs in or having one in their ass during makeup. I just couldn’t sit still for an hour with a plug in my ass!” Again with the giggle, which is a trademark of hers along with the long black hair and hoop earrings and those big brown tits with giant nipples. “Jules asked me to have tan lines but that’s so hard since I’m pretty brown naturally. So I made sure I had the best tan lines I could for our shoot. I think he was pretty pleased with everything.”

A lot of girls wait to do their first anal scene for the big payday, so I asked Mariah what made her do it. Was it for the money? “Jules made a great offer and that was part of it, but the main part was that I thought it was time I did it. I have had so many fans and members of my site ask for an anal scene that I just said ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna do it!’ so I did. I think there is a progression of a porn stars career and I am at the point that I thought it was time. The money wasn’t the biggest part of the decision, but it didn’t hurt either!” For booking Mariah Milano contact LA Direct which she just signed with this week. “LA Direct is the biggest and the best, and after seeing how they run things I am really impressed. They are so professional and do everything to make sure that the producer and the talent are taken care of. I love the way they operate and  Mike Moz was my publicist and when I found out he was at LA Direct it cinched my decision for me. I want to take my career to the next level and since I don’t live in LA and shoot constantly I want to get the most out of my time in this business. Last year I only shot 9 scenes and this year I think I have only shot 4 or 5. I have cut way back so I can focus on my sites so this is the best decision for me and my career.”

Mariah runs her own network of sites through her affiliate program and is the process of taking on 2 sites from the UK and also  “Angel is one of the wildest hardcore girls you’ll ever see! She was shooting a scene and told the guy that she wanted his unborn children all over her face! I’ve been around a long time and never heard any shit like that!” They shoot seriously quality hardcore that reminds me a lot of Evil Angel and when they approached me about doing a project I immediately thought of putting them into my affiliate program. Both sites are being launched within the next 2 weeks!”

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