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Mariah Does London & Paris

Mariah Milano Wraps Shooting in London

London, England UK

Mariah Milano has just wrapped 8 days of shooting and live television appearances for Babestation, the pioneer in live cable call-in broadcasting.

Mariah Milano did her first live TV appearance in the UK on Thursday May 12 on Babestation where she did live 30 minute segments where she took live phone calls from fans all over the UK, and even had many US callers on hold for long periods of time listening in as well.

“I was nervous about how much I could show or say because it’s live television on regular cable and there are rules and guidelines, and of course I showed too much within the first 30 minutes!” she said. “I was on with a caller and as I got into the mood of the evening I said some dirty talk which he asked for and then pulled my bottoms to the side showing my “fanny” which is a HUGE no no! I guess I was being a little too much of myself, which I have a really hard time not doing!” she said. “After that we discussed it and decided I would be much better doing the Babestation Extreme shows and their other web channel Rampant TV where I could go all out and get down and dirty, which of course I did!

On Friday May 13 Mariah paired up with UK porn star Kerry Louise for a night of Babestation Extreme which is their harder-edged encrypted station. The girls did several live ads as well as 2 really hot live segments that involved Mariah’s signature toy of choice the strap-on dildo. “I had met Kerry through Twitter over a year ago and we became Twitter friends and always discussed meeting up but our crazy schedules never permitted it so when Babesation asked me who I would like to work with I jumped at the
chance to work with her!”

Saturday May 14 Mariah had her debut appearance on which is also known as Rampant TV which is a web based format where viewers can see the action but call in to speak directly to Mariah which was a tremendous success. “Mariah shook things up and brought her US fan base with her!” said G, the head producer of Rampant TV. “She did a great job and the other girls in the studio all enjoyed her great personality and a few of them got very lucky when Mariah joined in on some of their segments!”

Sunday May 15 Mariah appeared on Babestation Extreme again this time pairing up with one of the Babestation girls Leah Jayne who Mariah actually knew of because they both appeared in the same video release when Leah did a brief stint in the US doing adult films.

The final night was the sixteenth and Mariah was back on Sexstation doing her hardcore thing and the calls rang in from all over the UK as well as many US callers who are fans of Mariah and wanted to speak with her. “The calls were so backed up only a few were able to actually get through but many were able to listen in to the other calls while they were in the queue.”

Mariah Milano stayed in London a few extra days after resting and hanging with her new friends at Babestation. I want to say thank you to everyone at Babestation, especially my new amazing friends Emma, Claudia Mark, Sam and Rob. I rarely find people so genuine and I feel like we have all been friends for years. Wonderful people, all of them.”

Mariah left London for a week of recovery in Paris and will be back in the states at the end of May.

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