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Mariah Goes Down Under and Loves it!

Greetings from Down Under! I am sitting here having just finished a hot bowl of Japanese noodles for breakfast and having a kick ass cup of coffee and thought I’d write something about this amazing place I am leaving in a few hours.

I’ve been in Australia and New Zealand since September 18 and have to say this has been the best trip of my life. The people have been the highlighted experience here without question. I had always wanted to visit Australia and it was wonderful. Again,
great people there as well and Melbourne is a beautiful city with fantastic culture and energy.

However, New Zealand has been the real thrill for me for the last 4 days. I spent Friday Saturday and Sunday at the Erotica Expo Auckland which was a great time and met so many great people. I was here for the show on behalf of

I came a week early to spend a few days in NZ then fly to Melbourne for the 4 days leading up to the show and then to return
here to NZ for a day before the expo began. I can say that I was sorry to head to Melbourne and leave the promise of this wonderful place. I was in love the minute I opened the window as we flew over Christchurch on our decent into Auckland. Amazing countryside and snow capped mountains with the bluest sea all around. I was awestruck before my feet even touched the ground!

The land of the Kiwi is one of the most diverse cultural mecca’s I’ve ever been in. Every Asian country is represented in large
numbers and Indian and Malaysian as well as the Pacific Islanders who are mountain-sized people with great spirit and so much history and culture and personality. The native people here are Maoris and I had some fun with a hot little Maori girl at the show! ?

The food was fantastic and every night you could have cuisine from a different continent that was comparable to the home country! I had the best Indian food of my life and was told by more than 1 Indian person here that the food in Auckland is as good if not better than most food in India! Same goes for Thai. One great treat was a dinner at Annabelle’s right on the water of rack of lamb and New Zealand Mussels. Everything here is fresh and there are very strict regulations on food preparation so all the ingredients are local and prepared in very clean conditions.

When I travel I love to shop like all women, and this place was no disappointment! Newmarket and Queen Street in Auckland and Pinsonby were all fabulous and again the people were just amazing. I think that the accent here is so fucking sexy I wanted to just make out with everyone I spoke to! I had some fun times trying on clothes with a few of the girls at Supre and had my tits groped and fondled by Jaelah and Denny until I thought we were going to fuck right there. First time silicone experiences ? The voltage burned out my magic wand the first night there so I spent my first day in Melbourne searching for another without luck ? I had to buy a pocket rocket to get me through until the show which luckily had a booth with every toy imaginable.

So in summation I can say this to all the girls who go to the shows in the US without considering going to an international show
that you’re fucking crazy lol To me the US shows are all the same and the only reason most of the girls go is to be gawked at and get attention and run around like idiots without getting any real business accomplished or they just go because someone else is paying for a trip they cannot afford themselves.

Earnest Hemingway once said, “If you live by narrow boundaries you will live a narrow life, and at the end of it all that would be
quite the shame in my humble opinion.” I agree completely. Life is to be lived and I would say to spare no expense and take every chance that comes up to fulfill those dreams and goals you once had. I wasn’t sure if I would ever visit this part of the world due to the length of the flight, but it would be worth it if the flying time were doubled. I take my hat off to Brooke Haven and the other girls who chose to come all the way here rather than attend the other US shows that were going on at the same time. That to me shows more than just going where the money takes you, it shows an adventurous spirit and an open mind to more than just being an attention whore at a porn convention.

I never would have believed how many New Zealander’s were fans! I had hundreds of people say they couldn’t believe I was here and that they were fans. The WWW is an amazing thing is it not?

I gotta wrap it up as my ride to the airport will be here in a few minutes and of course I haven’t finished packing ? I am headed to Nasouri airport and on to the island of Taveuni in Fiji until Thursday to relax before i head back home. I am going to be hitting it hard when I get back with shoots and new stuff for my sites and another trip to LA at the end of October and to New York
to be on Howard Stern for a featured interview so a few days of rest and relaxation is in order for sure.

Good bye New Zealand ?

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