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Mariah Has The Holiday Spirit… A Fan Tells All…- UPDATE

UPDATE- Mariah, I actually thought by posting this it would be a nice surprise for you. That’s why I didn’t ask you about it first. And although there have been many sweet posters here, the tremendously rude comments of a few probably ruined any good feelings the nice comments gave you. I apologize to you for putting this up without asking you. It’s days like today I wish I did what other boards do with idiotic comments- PRESS DELETE! But you know I love ya! xo


NL-Mariah- I’m proud of you girlfriend. ?  BTW guys, Mariah didn’t even know I had this story, and I verified that it was true, I just removed the info so I didn’t have the phone numbers in the post.


Dear Lukeisback,

I am a fan of a regular contributor to your blog page, Mariah Milano. I sold her a car 3 years ago and during the income verification I found out what she does and who her persona is and after some research at home I became a fan. I found her articles on your blog page last year and have read everything she has been posted on your pages, or at least I think so. I have read some of the attacks on her from other readers and I have always stayed quiet simply because I didn’t know what to say as I know next to nothing about the porn business other than what I read on your blog, which is quite entertaining, by the way. Nicely done with some interesting banter from time to time.

The reason that I am writing to you is because I witnesses Mariah do something that might surprises those who attack her and call her names. As I said I sold her a Corvette last year when I worked at a dealership in Clearwater. I have since left that dealership and buy and sell cars on my own. Last month I was delivering a car I had sold to another dealership in New Port Richey when I recognized the black convertible ********   that I had sold to Mariah. I wondered what she would have been doing at this lot as it was a buy here pay here place with older model cars. When I went inside she was on her way out and I wasn’t able to say anything more than a quick hello. She seemed in a hurry and I doubt she remembered me anyway. When I went inside I pulled my friend who runs the dealership aside and asked what was up and asked if he knew who she was. What he told me blew me away. She was there buying a van for a homeless family. She paid $2700 in cash for a man and his wife and 14 month old baby. She never told my friend who owns the lot who she was and he had no idea. He said she came in with this family and just told them to pick out what they wanted and she paid for it. No questions asked. I asked the guy who I assumed to be the husband how he met her and he said they were broken down on the side of the road and she stopped because she knew them from selling waters at an intersection. She offered to let them use her AAA and when AAA showed up I guess the guy told them their head gaskets had blown and their car was done. She put them in the car and took them to my friends dealership and bought them a van.

 I have been a member of her site since she bought that car and she has never mentioned it anywhere I’ve ever seen, but I thought that maybe you might want to let the people know what type of person that she really is, off camera and without any congratulations or anything.

You can verify this information by calling ******************** (NL- I took out the info, and I did verify it first)

Thank you for your time as I know that I took the long way around to make my point but I felt that the details needed to be shared.



NL-Mariah’s site is here


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