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Mariah in the UK, You can watch Live

Mariah Milano to Appear on Babestation UK in May- You can watch!

American adult film star Mariah Milano has been booked to appear on Babestation which is live unscripted television broadcast nationwide. Viewers can call in and speak to the girls in real-time and also send text messages, which some are posted on the screen for all viewers to see.

Babestation is the original as there have been many clones trying to duplicate their success.

“I was in London for a week in February and am really excited about returning again.” Mariah says. “Last time I was shooting for Bluebird Films further south of the city in Shepperton but this time I’m staying right in Central London which I love! The energy is great and since the broadcasts don’t begin until later in the evening I will have the days to shop and visit some of the museums I wasn’t able to get to during my last trip.”

We asked her how it’s been to work in such a differently structured industry as the British porn business. “Well it’s not THAT different! It all comes down to people filming other people fucking!” She says laughing. “The big differences are the accents and the stars. I haven’t met anyone from Babestation yet but they have been amazing to deal with I can tell you that. They are more accommodating than any American-based company I have ever dealt with. They created the schedule to make sure I am rested after my flight before we shoot and that I will be staying in a great hotel in the heart of London and they have sent me links to things to do and restaurants and other suggestions. They have been very conscience of my comfort which is really wonderful. I am really looking forward to meeting the team that I have been dealing with since our first emails a month ago.”

Mariah is scheduled for 3 live solo broadcasts and two broadcasts with another girl. Each broadcast will begin at 9pm and end at 3am. “This is like doing webcam so it’s not going to be that big of a deal since I have been doing that on my site since 2004. But this time it’s on live cable TV! When I was there in February I was channel surfing and suddenly there’s a topless girl talking to the camera! I couldn’t believe it and the next morning I asked the front desk at the hotel if that is a pay channel and they said “No, it’s on our basic cable channel” I was blown away! I guess being an American with our repressed sexual culture I was really surprised.” Milano says laughing. “It was like Home Shopping Network but with naked girls!”

Mariah’s first broadcast will be Thursday May 12 at 9pm so don’t miss is!

Mariah Milano’s Award Winning Official Website is

NL- All this sounded great, but I wanted to SEE it for myself. I asked Mariah how us Americans could watch it. Mariah says, “I have been told that the live feed will be on their website for all to see during the hours of 9pm and 3am London time which would be between 4pm and 10pm eastern ?

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